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Miss Bambi Cakes @Bambicakes

post, just cuz I'm feelin it. Comfy and cool 馃槑馃尀 馃拋馃徏馃槝

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Juicygfe @Juicygfe

With or without?

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馃挅KimmyDallas馃挅 @KimmyDallas

Who loves polka dots?????

Raise your 馃枑鉂ゐ煉嬸煈

Happy Humpin Y'all!

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馃挋 Paris 馃挋 @theprettyparis7

鉁堬笍鉁堬笍鉁堬笍 TOUR DATE SET! 鉁堬笍鉁堬笍鉁堬笍

Gentleman of the .... I'm coming to visit soon! I will be conveniently located in Tyson's Corner.

Dates available : July 5th - 9th

Pre-booking: Please pre-book and place your 20% deposit ASAP to gaurantee your spot and my safe travel to your area!

Feel free to dm/email any questions!
馃摟: theprettyparis@protonmail.com

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馃挋 Paris 馃挋 @theprettyparis7

Guys.... I have SOOOO many different platforms and places you can view pics of me. If I was using fake pics don't you think someone would have called me out by now? The reason I send a link to my IG is because I can't sit around and send pics to everyone who asks all day long, plus you get a larger selection and videos. NEWSFLASH 馃毃 This isn't Backpage and hardly anyone is using fake pics. - ok rant over. It's just insulting to assume ppl are using fake pics and demand one be sent to you. Rude.

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Allegra Hope Dallas @AllegraHope

It鈥檚 almost here... have a happy summer everyone! 馃槝馃馃嵑馃憴馃強馃徑鈥嶁檪锔

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Hadley Darling 鉁堬笍 #DC @hadleydarling

a note to all gentlemen who think they can convince me to lower my rates or offer shorter sessions whenever things get slow: nope.

i realize it's a privilege to even have that choice. it's one that i'm grateful to have. but no. there are so many lovely ladies at all ends of the price spectrum here -- find a lady you can afford and don't ask me to change the way i run my business.

i'd rather spend my free time on me-time than getting dolled up for a quickie with zero connection. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔

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Hadley Darling 鉁堬笍 #DC @hadleydarling


: June 22-25

: July 14-19

: July 21-22

: Aug 24-25

: Aug 26-28

: Aug 29-31

your pre-bookings make my trips possible! 馃槝


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Assembly Four @AssemblyFour

Check out our latest project: Tryst: Ethical Advertising for Escorts

Sex workers deserve the same services and rights as anyone else, Tryst is here to raise the bar. Run and developed by sex workers and technologists, we've put together an advertising platform which puts escorts first.
Taking beta testers now :) tryst.at/

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TexasSunshine @TexasSunshine

exactly 1 month till my Bday im ready to get this party started 鉂わ笍

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Hadley Darling 鉁堬笍 #DC @hadleydarling

it was brought to my attention that i鈥檝e finally hit 800 followers on this lovely !

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Switter @switter

We've just hit 100k users over on Switter! @AssemblyFour have some super exciting news we'll be announcing in a few days. Stay tuned Switthearts!

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Becca Bodhi @BeccaBodhi

About 8 years ago a fellow provider told me she saves all the shampoos, soaps, etc. from hotels during her travels and donates them to homeless shelters. I thought this was a wonderful idea and an easy way to help our fellow human beings. I've been doing it ever since.

I've shared this idea with other providers who have started doing the same.

I'm sharing this idea here...I know others will do the same :)

No matter what we do or who we are, there's always a way to help others :)

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馃挋 Paris 馃挋 @theprettyparis7

You guys, I have had the BEST last two days!!!! 馃槏馃槝馃挋 All made possible by switter. Seriously, thanks so much! I appreciate all of you guys for making this possible. We all play a part in this community and I'm happy to see it grow, and can't wait to see it flourish even further into the future! Switter is EVERYTHING!

(And I'm currently available 馃槝)

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馃尮TheLovelyLexc馃尮 @xLexcLoveex

6/26 2pm-12am
6/27 6am- 12pm

6/27 3pm-12am
6/28 4am-10am

6/28 3pm-2am

I have a few openings so PreBook now 馃槍

Getting all prepared for my trip if you鈥檇 like to send some goodies to help that would be great 馃槝

Cashapp $LexcLovee
Venmo @xxlexcloveexx

PreBook now !! Deposit required 馃槍

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Allura Knight @AlluraKnight

Have a good day!

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Sammie Sugar @SammieSugar

I just want to disrupt your day .. 馃槒


馃摟 Sammiesugar@protonmail.ch
馃寪 Sammiesugar.escorts.biz
馃捀 $SammieSugar 馃憟馃徏CashApp Name

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Juicygfe @Juicygfe

Good morning beautiful people.馃槝

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Brooke Tyler @BrookeTyler

Good Sunday morning everyone! How about some Brunch? 馃拫馃憛馃拫

RT it鈥拣煉

Kate Cannes @datekate

If anyone's looking for a date at a topless pool any time soon, sign me up! It's only the first day of summer and it's already too hot for my DDD's to be stuck inside a bra all day

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Ariel Amazing @ArielAmazing

鈥狪 LOVE this picture of me 馃槏馃槏馃い馃い鈥

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鈾ワ笍SxySpanishMia鈾ワ笍 @SxySpanishMia

Big mirror.
You standing behind me, music playing, and we watch my body dance on you. Long legs pressed against you as I move sensually, causing warmth between us.

Grab on to my hips, one hand on my ass...and watch me wake you up. I'll be watching your face as my body continues to tease you. Then I'll press my behind against it, and twirl my hips some more.

You will be at attention for this Vet.

Salute me baby. 馃槇馃槝

Random thoughts. 馃挦 馃敟馃幎

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