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I because:

1. I won’t tell you how to make YOUR money

2. No ones telling me how to spend MY money

3. The more support the safer it is for everyone

4. I hate seeing anyone marginalized or taken advantage of

5. It’s the right fucking thing to do

6. Why not

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I think I will not boost anyone who uses the term paypig. It denotes a disrespect towards clients. Some guys may be into that but I am not. Also, anyone who boosts providers who offer bbfs or creampies will not get boosts from me. Thats just irresponsible and dangerous to the community at large.

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I wish there were some app for with a function like WeChat where you can see who's available nearby and just be able to chat and meet based on location/availability/interests at a given time. Good idea for or horrible idea? Would you lovely ladies use something like that? For example right now I wish I knew if someone was up for fun around ... 🤷🏽‍♂️

Hello Friends!💋
I am back from my travels and available to meet. I had so much fun exploring my new sexual ways of getting pleasure that I cannot wait to share it with you.
Feel free to text 646-535-1060 or email at valeriyanyc88@protonmail.com to schedule a meeting <3

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See you soon loves !!!xxx🍒


Hey loves! I'm here in all night tonight. over and get hot n bothered w me. My sexy hot friend @Violet_33_Angel is here too, so if you're feeling like booking urself a , we'd love to with you!


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