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ME: Can I see you today?
HER: Im booked, not today.
ME: OK, thanks for getting back to me. Ill try some other day. Have a nice day!

- Another day....

HER: Can you come see me or help me out today?
ME: Sorry, can't help you or get away today. Wish I could.
HER: ... crickets.......

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THE most on
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For those of you on NS its me Rose aka Gladrielmoon. My first post. ANY NSers out there?

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Wow. I go dark for a couple of days and look at the love I missed! Honored and humbled to be on this list of distinguished gentlemen! Much appreciated, E! Cheers! 🍻

Figuring out how to proceed in the new reality, Our world is now more fragmented with so many new 'things' to learn and keep track of.


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