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You may have noticed the small change i made to my name!! I decided to do this because of all the jessica J's (ive seen several) and also several very close variations!! I like to distinguish my individuality from others NOT blend in with the crowd.

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Just a little information to remember when contacting me to book an appointment:

General availability
Incall —— Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
other times may be arranged

I’m available for outcall anytime including evenings and weekends.

Thanks for taking the time to consider me! Your awesome!


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I’ve noticed many new gents have come over to our little corner of the woods here at switter lately.
Let me be the first one to welcome you and hope you have a great stay!
I do require some light screening to meet. References, review writing and screening sites such as P411 are your best friend. Absolutely adore when you give me this information quickly, I will not allow it to become laborious on my part to get it.

Thanks for understanding and HAVE FUN


PROVIDERS, in most cases WE ARE ALL WE GOT, so help out another provider, please!

-Helping Others
-Dont Matter Who It Is


I am available now in Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States! To contact me, visit

🥇🎉 Your #1 Boy Companion is back 🔥💦

I'm so happy to meet all you cute friends who left me warm sexy messages and sent gifts while I was away. Now it's time to reep your reward 🤭😈

Come here, I have so much to show you 😉😍

🚪DC, Tysons Corner, Arlington, Fairfax


OMG I'm back in starting next week! I am catching up on all of you sweeties who left me messages and cute requests ☺💙🤗😍

Ok guys, one more time:

Providers are the ONLY trustworthy people in . Their careers and livelihood depend upon their discretion.

So, give them the information they need for screening. Stop playing games with their safety.

I’m so excited that I caught your eye! Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Jessi! A happy, social woman with a personality most people enjoy. My undeniable prowess and down to earth charm are just a couple of the things that attract people to me.

I’d love to meet at your upscale home or hotel in the DMV area.

Or you can stop by my place in NE DC near NOMA

Please text me a brief introduction including your name age and occupation

Until then my friend




Good afternoon, switter!

Who likes Mondays, right? Come pay me a visit tonight in and let me help you get your week started off the right way. 😘

Location: DuPont Circle, DC
Contact: or text me at (703) 574-7154

DMV people ‼️‼️‼️ Flood my email and text message inboxes please

Will be arriving in town on Wednesday and I am available for pre bookings and pre screening

336-583-3578 (NO PHONE CALLS)

I am available now in Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States! To contact me, visit

Back from my summer break! Prebooking for Tyson’s and DuPont. Let’s play :)

TNA: Kendall95

TODAY thru Wednesday I'll be playing in Southfield, MI.

I pretty horny, someone please come fill that itch 😛

Send me a note with your references and your age to to book. And check out my website for my new pics at


I am available now in New York, United States! To contact me, visit

Hello Switterland!!

It's a beautiful, warm, and sunny Monday in July here in Northern Virginia!

Let's celebrate by taking a listen to Charles Rouse while he plays "Two Is One" from his album of the same name!

Released in 1974 on the Strata-East label.

Enjoy your Monday!!

Available Today - Phone Calls, Please!!

P411 # P54032

Twitter @elizabethabenn1

See Switter Profile for Details!

www.Crockor.NZ -
All Virginia Sections

What a waste of a good tan lol! Time to get ready and decide what to do! Go home? Stay in NYC? Or go to Philly?

“I'm THAT complicated, mysterious, yet content with the "simple" things in life. Don't try to understand me; you won't figure me out. But you're free to like me the way I am.” ― Marwa Ayad

My Tryst profile has finally been approved!!! Thank you @lolahunt for all the wonderful work that you do!!

Schedule an appointment with me and add the perfect dash of fun to your busy week 🗓
Have a drink 🍷 Clear that busy mind of yours 🧘🏽‍♂️ And let me pamper you 🕯

🌐 Visit my website:

🗺 Location: Denver, Colorado
📲 Contact: 7205383795,

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