Vote for in the MV Contest Trick or Treat Contest


SO much goodness!..

🖤 COME VISIT ME at 🌈AP ...


I can’t wait until I can open a app and not get vote reminders. Got me panicking like I’m not already registered

All I want for my birthday is for y’all to post my sfs on onlyfans

I’m gonna start announcing what I do like trump

I washed dishes no one NO ONE has ever washed dishes like I just did. I’m not a housekeeper kinda person but I DID IT. I washed the dishes. ONE SINKFUL. yea there’s still some dirty ones but it’s still good.

Sometimes you need a honey mustard packet for your nuggets. Sometimes. Not all the time. But occasionally it’s necessary.

I@ just not having a good time. I’ll be back tomorrow. Join my fan club where I’m posting. ✌🏻

Liking 36 of my tweets at once without retweeting a single one will get you blocked because I’m easily annoyed

Vote for in the MV Contest Trick or Treat Contest

I promise if I ever turn down a aisle at the store while I’m grocery shopping and see one of y’all pissing on the floor we gonna throw hands. These employees do not get paid enough to clean up your piss.

Models let’s do some rtxrt

Go retweet from my media and I’ll rt the same amount from yours

Send me $40 and I’ll send you my dropbox folder and add you to my snap for life.

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