Also I’ll be moving to soon so if you wanna follow feel free

Or don’t. Lol. Up to you.

Making a whole Halloween with only what I have on hand and gotta make it fun

4 costumes
And I haven’t been grocery shopping in about a month

I love a challenge.

Models I am still doing this!
Must have telegram!
I’m not going to chase and beg people to join but if y’all want a easy way to queue your promo for awhile so you can at least enjoy a few minutes of the holidays without worrying about onlyfans this is it!
I’m great with newbies!

I didn’t ban anyone from my telegram groups. I deleted them.

For the 5 people who care, I’m fine ♥️

For the 5 people who care, I’m fine. ♥️

I’ll be back online after my birthday. I just. I think I’m done.

What fan site can I open for smoking content?

All day today I’ve been taking pictures of what’s left of my sisters home so hopefully she can get help. My sister is fucking homeless now and her and her children could have literally died because the roof literally fell on their head. So if I pull my flyer from a drop, dont

Yep I’m done with yalls telegram bullshit for a few months. Y’all are absolute fucking bullies on there.

I will not settle for reliving past experiences because the cycle is the “norm” for me. I deserve better and even if I never get it, I won’t beg for respect

Of course I spent that long making the graphic and there’s a damn typo.

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