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Take it back. Take control over all aspects of your work and image and begin making the capitol stored away by others, capitol that belongs to you and have a steady stream of income that belongs to you and you alone. Do you want it? Take it. It’s right here. We are waiting to hear from you.

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You can have stunning, cinematic, elegant, captivating, gorgeous media that makes the industry standard seen trite and cheap. Take a look at what the biggest production houses out there churn out...most of it is simply mediocre. We want to empower you to take the tools away from the gatekeepers and use them yourself, to be your own media production house, to own what you make, to monetize your work, and we are not the only means to fulfill this, we are merely a vessel, we are a tool for you

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We’ve settled for far too long because someone else tells us, you don’t have the equipment, the knowledge, the skill, but that’s what gatekeepers do, they don’t want you to know the secrets they pretend belong only to them. The final truth is that each and every one of us has the ability and resources to make anything we want and to make it stunningly. You don’t have to pay excessive fees to get sub par work, you don’t have to pay excessive fees to get stunning work...

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Pre-booking now for a mini tour of the Carolinas — need custom content? Want to make your site pop with new pics and vids? Want a deliciously beautiful short film for clients to get a cinematic taste of you and all that you are? Have a larger project in mind? We offer full scale production services surpassing industry standards and catered to your needs. We’ve settled on mediocrity for far too long, letting industry gatekeepers horde and monopolize the production of the still and moving image.

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We want to show anyone who seeks to empower themselves and take back the capitol made on their image and their work how to do exactly that — we did not invent any of these methods, they are simply tools held by industry gatekeepers that we’ve learned ourselves and offer freely to anyone who wants to take firm hold of their own image and work and stop letting others capitalize on what is rightly ours to monetize, ours, and no one else’s. Any SW interested need only to get in touch. It’s yours.

Don’t say racist shit. It’s that fucking simple.



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What if I told you it's possible to report on complex, emotionally fraught, stories without sensationalizing everything and throwing marginalized people under the bus. Let's call it the "apply basic decency and editorial standards to stories impacting people of color challenge"


Just a reminder that self-love and Body Positivity are not the same thing. One was born from the Fat Liberation movement, the mission of which was to gain rights and respect for fat bodies that encounter multiple intersections (fat, black/brown, disabled, poor, etc).


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