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Experienced pro-domme visiting Vancouver April 26 - May 1.

Playful, sensual, and mean, I enjoy and am skilled at a wide variety of kinks. I love making fetish fantasies come true.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

I just love endless hotel room showers. I could stand under that hot water forever.

I want to do something wild and kinky for Halloween this year, and I want to do it with this babe. It's my favourite holiday.

Come up with something creative and Halloweeny. Or just book a duo and let us figure it out. It'll be witchy and weird. And book in advance.

Lovely to meet today!

Building Winnipeg community ❤️

And clients, she's lovely, you should book her when you have the chance.

Some new reading material from my sub. 😘 I love's writing and I love vaginas. The cover review sounds like solid advice for vagina havers and lovers.

If there was an escort uniform I'm pretty sure it would be Louboutins and Agent Provocateur Lorna.

Happy Labour Day!

Sex work is work!

If you're not fighting for sex workers then you're not fighting for all workers.

Recognizing that sex work is work is valuing feminized labour.

What's your favourite chastity device for medium to long term wear?



petplay but I’m a spider and tie you up in my web and tease you with my eight limbs and nibble on you with my fangs + chelicerae as you’re completely restrained and helpless


I will be checking and responding to emails tonight and maybe once tomorrow morning, then I will be away for the weekend and will check again Monday evening.

(I ate pie for lunch that was so delicious I was having sexual fantasies about it)

You drive home with crumbs on your face. You can feel them under your clothes, sticking to your skin, some of them fall into your underwear. There's pastry on your erection. You lick your lips and masturbate furiously when you get home. You lick butter & come off your fingers.


You bring me a bag of cookies & pastries. I tie you up. Sit on your chest naked. Eat them till I'm stuffed, showering your face & body in crumbs & sticky fillings. When I can't eat any more I masturbate, come on your chest, then send you home without a shower.

As a domme/top that enjoys fantasy fulfillment, can confirm that fantasies and what people actually want often don't align. Also that many people don't realize that's the case until they're actually in the middle of doing it.


Fantasies always get talked about as though they're a perfect representation of what someone wants to do in bed but I find that read of the situation HIGHLY SUSPECT


This is the wholesome filthy Twitter content I need.

RT 💖💖 you don’t even know how often I daydream about that time we held hands in someone’s ass.


Don't forget how she continued to promote Hot Girls Wanted after they outed so many sex workers, and totally brushed off the attempts to call her in.


As someone who has previously supported & recommended Erika Lust's work, I did not do my due diligence! Erika's production company has not been accountable for instances of abuse on set & has gaslighted those who speak up about violence on set, further perpetuating the harm.


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