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Midwest Winter Tour

It’s Cuddle Season

Detroit until 12/12
Kansas City,MO 12/12-18

Duos w/

Booking Inquiries
IG violetsinclair23

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Pre Booking Specials for

🥶❄️Kansas City,MO❄️🥶


Only Available today

Don’t miss out Pre Book your appointment today

*Pre booking will be given priority*

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Midwest Winter Tour

Allow me to keep you warm.

Detroit 12/7-12/10

St.Louis 12/10-12/12

Kansas City,MO 12/12-12/18

Duos available

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I’m usually not on here. I have my post set to cross so what I post on Twitter automatically posts here. So if your trying to get in contact with me. Please email me

I will be taking some time off for personal reasons. Not sure about how long. 😊

Omg... Time for a much needed break. a glass of wine, lifetime movie, and some popcorn. 🍿 🎬 🍾

Flowers used to symbolize a man apologizing to me. But when I woke up and saw these flowers this morning it symbolize caring and friendship. 😍🥰

I missed yesterday. All my boyfriend still owe me presents. 🤣🤣🤣💋

I’m also taking new applications. 😉

Who having dinner with me? Thinking of either The Cheesecake Factory or PF Chang.

Of course if you just want to pay for dinner. $prettyinpink411

Who having dinner with me? Thinking of either The Cheesecake Factory or PF Chang.

Working even on my special day. Book a appointment to celebrate with me this week. 😊💋

I was feeling a little down today. Special Delivery at my hotel door from a very special friend on my special day. I loved it.🥰 Thank you... You made my day for sure.💋

Oh is that time of year again; another year older. This year has went by fast. Hoping this year has some great moments and surprises. 😊🤣

Who having dinner with me? Chicken, crab, beef sausage, and coconut balsamic rice.😊

I'm about to sit on the couch naked and eat bake chicken with basil sauce with some wine.

Care to join me...🥰

Is this 2018 all over again with these sites going down? And add a pandemic to it.

Who is up for some fun?

I'm available in Oak brook today.
🥰Catch me if you can!!😘

Screening and Deposit Required
2hr notice for same day appt

It's been a long day.... Bad girls need their beauty sleep.💋
See you tomorrow Joliet...😘

🧳Ann Arbor next week. 🚅

Book now very limited appts.

July 15- July 17

Screening and Deposits Required

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