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Midwest Winter Tour

It’s Cuddle Season

Detroit until 12/12
Kansas City,MO 12/12-18

Duos w/

Booking Inquiries
IG violetsinclair23

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Pre Booking Specials for

🥶❄️Kansas City,MO❄️🥶


Only Available today

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Midwest Winter Tour

Allow me to keep you warm.

Detroit 12/7-12/10

St.Louis 12/10-12/12

Kansas City,MO 12/12-12/18

Duos available

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I’m usually not on here. I have my post set to cross so what I post on Twitter automatically posts here. So if your trying to get in contact with me. Please email me

So amazon seems to not know if you can pay for a brand gift card ( an amazon gift card. And I been getting the run around from amazon hours now.

Wrestler Rocky Johnson has died at the age of 75.

True legend in the wrestling world.

R.I.P Rocky

I really need help with hotel room,food, and transportation for the next couple of days for me and my son.

Cashapp $prettyinpink411

Amazon Wish List

Thinking 🤔 of doing a road trip with again. Who wants to see me in these cities? From Jan.21-Jan.27

Pre Booking will get priority.

Are you subscribing & following me? Why not?😜

Oak Brook 1/14-1/16 until 8pm
Screening Required

IG violetsinclair


AVN Stars

Premium Snapchat 40 a month

Cashapp $prettyinpink411

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