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Midwest Winter Tour

It’s Cuddle Season

Detroit until 12/12
Kansas City,MO 12/12-18

Duos w/

Booking Inquiries
IG violetsinclair23

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Pre Booking Specials for

🥶❄️Kansas City,MO❄️🥶


Only Available today

Don’t miss out Pre Book your appointment today

*Pre booking will be given priority*

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Midwest Winter Tour

Allow me to keep you warm.

Detroit 12/7-12/10

St.Louis 12/10-12/12

Kansas City,MO 12/12-12/18

Duos available

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I’m usually not on here. I have my post set to cross so what I post on Twitter automatically posts here. So if your trying to get in contact with me. Please email me

I will be on my website chat for a little while this morning. If you have general questions about booking.😍❤️

Are we starting already Michigan? You want a hh appt for 40mins plus you want it for a $100. And you sure know a lot for someone who claims they never done this before. 😑

You guys are always saying come somewhere and then when I say ok you disappear. When you ask me to come somewhere be ready to screen and pay your deposit.

I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when 2020 is over with. 🤣🤣

How was work today?

Pretty boring..... We can change that together.😘😍

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