especially seems to be doing nothing to & I've limited time, use caution

It's easy to & steal media from IG/OF/SC/TW/pro portfolio & repost. Anyone can sell stolen media as own

Research contact info=you could be buying media from or worse, your $ digital payments or gift cards & there's no recourse. A provider of your dreams can't be magically touring near you/to you next.

Ask publicly If in doubt frauds

anybody want to spoil me rotten today? you won’t regret it cash app $bbyluvxx

R. Kelly is a monster. I read some of the victims’ testimony against him and he is even worse than anyone imagined. It’s disgraceful that it’s taken so long to hold him accountable for his crimes.

Gents: if you are going to review a provider, at least take the time to write it using proper grammar and spelling. Unintelligible reviews reflect poorly on the provider. You’re doing them damage by leaving reviews that look as though they were written by a baboon. Have some fucking respect.

So, some ladies are using ghostwriters to manage responding to OnlyFans messages. That is so low.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend ❤️

Call someone you love today just to say you are thinking of them. ❤️

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