A Sex goddess! So soft and sensual, her pics are just a taste of how sexy she is. I’m getting excited just writing about her. Takes exceptionally good care of her body and you can tell instantly. A true healer. Treat this goddess like one deserves and you’ll feel like a king!

THANK YOU for the boosts!!👅💦💦💦💦💦💦

But I still have videos for sale

new email- lilramblinrosie@protonmail.com

new number-

available & I'm working on tour dates today....for real....

💜❤️🍾LilRamblinLucy's back🍾❤️💜

catch me if you can.....
I'm coming back, have no fear.

"May the four winds blow you safely home" I think the boys meant to your one home but my.homes blow in four winds. What a blessed life? My gratitude runs deep. My resolutions....still being crafted.

If you'd like a video or to sext or just catch up my new number is

Oh& new cashapp

Friends in ❤️🤗 hope you’ve blankets or jackets layered... if power goes out, maximize juice on📱 by turning off Bluetooth, stopping nonessential apps.

Charge by 🚘 as last resort & don’t run engine/generator in enclosed space- carbon monoxide poisoning☠️

Hang in there- stay safe & healthy- stay off the 🛣 if you can help it- SoCal drivers crashes left & right in ⛈🌧

Reading about wind turbines frozen ❄️ & competition for limited natural gas supplies on Houston Chronicles yikes



I'm way behind with my rent.
I can't re-schedule, and I have deadlines!

Visit my shop, commission me, donate via my Ko-fi page


Any little support is highly appreciated ❤️.


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