Happy Birthday to Prince Charles!

Congratulations on achieving another year of maturity, with hope for continued good health and all the happiness that can be gotten.

Where can I find adult greeting cards, retail, in the Dallas area? Thanks.

My vocabulary is failing me. I'm looking for a term that is stronger than "shunned" but softer than "fingernails torn off" for those Americans who don't vote in this coming election.

No, "liking" a tweet or boosting a toot isn't actually doing anything. The reason we can't have universal healthcare, despite its overwhelming popularity, in the richest nation on Earth, is because politicians don't care about popularity. They care about votes, and that is all. Get to work!

@casey_mae Then the owner pasted my e-mail address into the received mail and sent it to me as a reply to my contact. (Still with the subject "New message via your Wix website". Via Gmail!) That's another billboard. Did I mention the "not good" part?

An open plea to those available on P411: *please* put your ID number in your ad! So you're on P411 and your name is "Alexis"? Great. The P411 search only turns up 43 of those.

Those who use Tor to safeguard their anonymity and/or privacy should donate (tax-deductible in the U.S.) to ensure that the service continues to stay available and healthy.


It's not a cost, it's an investment in the future.


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