Media depictions of queer people be like "here's an article on chosen families... oh yeah we put only photographers and artists and the biggest freak shows we could find in the article because queers who work normal jobs and live mostly normal lives don't drive traffic"

I only ever find boneless Peeps in the store.

now im falling asleep and shes calling ACAB

Apparently if you wear shorts that are very tight some people will have an issue with their ability to see your covered genitals. Well guess what lady, my eyes are up here.

The phrase "living at home" to mean "live in your parent's house" bothers me.

The solution to what's wrong in america is arming the homeless.

so today my younger brother called me to warn me that my mother was trying to convince my father that they should drop in without warning at my home and force their way into my life so I went and bought a shotgun.

destroy the church, kill the parents with a hammer. I wanted to feel safe. I don't particularly like guns. They're just not fun or interesting with maybe the exception of the derringer, the most cute of all guns. I talked myself out of getting a gun because it would be insane for someone to go show up at the home of someone that didn't want to speak to or see them and try to force your way into their life.

I stopped talking to my parents years ago, they continued to attempt to make contact with me (further confirming a complete lack of respect which was really the core of the issue in the first place) and my then wife supported me in this. I did have various nightmares at times that they would attempt to force themselves into my life, for example showing up at my house unannounced or that I would somehow be tricked into a church. In these nightmares the only way out was violence:

Hey folks, we've made the decision to close down our sign-ups for a bit while we try and get a hold of spam.

SW who are wanting to join, e-mail us and we'll send you an invite 💜

Excited to be heading to 1st to .Louis 6/27-29 & then City 6/30-7/1! Come hang out for some R&R or some T&A 😘 with your & goddess.

Email me at

What's y'alls fave restaurant in Austin? 👅 I love trying new places!

Please post pictures of your favorite type of lizard. I can't stop looking at pictures of bearded dragons and now I want to know everyone's fav lizard.

Also, acknowledgement that as a straight white dude I get to play dress up with relative impunity.

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Eye have no patience for make-up so that's not happening again

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