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PSA for clients: If you want her to consider seeing you in your city of residence you need to (after filling out all required information on her booking form / sending appropriate information in a respectful email):

1) Send her a gift / partial deposit
2) Send her a full deposit
3) Option 1 and 2 during her normal tour schedule and wait
4) Pay for a fly me to you and Options 1 and 2 if you can't wait

DMs with "pretty pretty please" doesn't work"

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PSA for :

1) Clients never request discounts and I mean NEVER EVER as it is completely disrespectful.
2) Gentleman clients do not take advantage of being grandfathered / discounts if they are offered* or expect them for the same reason

* - If you find yourself in this position consider yourself extremely fortunate. Prove to her again that you are a gentleman by respectfully declining and offer her a gift instead.

So the only question is are you a or a ?

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PSA for :

Money/wealth does not give you the right not to act like a gentleman. Money/ wealth does give you more opportunities to wow and impress providers, but if you act like an asshole at each turn it means nothing.

However, being a gentleman all the time whether it's during ALL correspondence, or doing little things (i.e. giving compliments, opening doors, pouring her a glass of wine) outweighs money/wealth as it's a sign of respect. Add a little money/wealth and you're golden๐ŸŽฉ

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PSA for :

Time is valuable for all of us, both provider and client. Compensation for time of the appointment is well known, but what about the time between now and then? The answer is simple:

The same rules apply.

If you blow up a providers inbox with DMs compensation should still be due as it's still taking up their valuable TIME. Doesn't have to be much. Get them something off their wishlist, donation to their Venmo, e-gift card. Take a pick and show them you appreciate their time.

During these unprecedented times where we're alone together in face of a global pandemic we must remember to be kind to each other

PSA for

If arrive more than 10 minutes early to an incall appointment:

DO NOT hang around like creeper
DO use that extra time to get a small gift (i.e. fresh bouquet of their favorite flowers or bottle of favorite beverage to share)

PSA for

If you chew minty gum before an incall and she provides mouth wash for you to use:

DO discard your gum and rinse your mouth out especially if you like giving oral

Sugary gum can affect her PH. Besides how would you feel if she uses hot tamales candy before oral on you. Same thing

PSA for

Let's talk about core business hours.

If a provider has availability from x to y, DO send respectful and polite correspondence between hours x & y.

DO NOT send "Hi u avail" @ 2 am. How would u like if someone from work blew up ur inbox @ 2 am for a "crisis"

TMW you realize that the reason why you were screwed over in a 5 year long custody battle is because the Judge was far from impartial and was always "buddy buddy" with your ex-wife

Another for in โ€‹

Aria Clare

Posing as Pornstar Aria Lee

Contact Aria Lee via OC Modeling only

Media stolen from

Advertises in multiple cities/states with no tour dates

Offers unsafe sex practices โ€‹

Please and โ€‹


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Gentlemen of - have you seen @Thalia9409 yet? She is hands-down the most talented girl I have had the pleasure of meeting! Give her a call before you regret missing out!

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I've had a last minute cancellation for the evening of 7/11 in

To take the spot that they're missing out on:

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Only 3 days until I'm in ... Have you completed your booking form yet? ๐Ÿค”

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It's been a long while, but after patiently waiting there's finally a Batman Movie Marathon and I'm going absolutely batty

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Happy Independence Day! ๐Ÿ’ฅ ๐Ÿงจ ๐ŸŽ‡

7/8 - 7/11
7/13 - 7/15
7/16 - 7/18
7/20 - 7/21
7/22 - 7/24

๐ŸŒ :
๐Ÿ“ฑ: 816-288-3319

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