@Kelo134g10 I’ve never been to HI! I’ll take you up on that one day!

RT @dateerica@twitter.com

Currently available in burbs & airport & NJ for and Screening, deposits, notice required.

Book via site link in bio


Taking requests for September tours!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/dateerica/status/1

Let me show you how I really like it 😌☝️

👀 ONLYFANS.COM/jadeblissx


fans to the front pls ⛓

✨VENMO/CASHAPP ~ $jadeblissx

That’s very thoughtful of you. Thank you in advance 😘

@Sonicboom748 That’s how you get blocked. Learn some fucking etiquette.

Hi babes!

Zara Vo NYC temptress!
I am available today for to a few lucky gentlemen :)

Please send a polite info and be prepared for screening.



Thank you!
Really...Nothing to be afraid of...

This beautiful red tailed boa was loved and handled well by her owner. She was so sweet... Nothing scary about her....or I wouldn't have held her😍💚

Growing up... I told my Mom that snakes felt fuzzy! Ha! Had to see if that was still true. Nope! She felt smooth and cool.

Have a blessed weekend... filled with all that you love! Snakes or no snakes...😮😇💚


Historical perspective 🤯

Slavery on U.S. land: 246 years

Post slavery: 155 years

Reconstruction Period for ex-slaves: 12 years

Jim Crow to Civil Rights: 87 years

Rise of Black Middle Class: ~30 years

Police & Prison Targeting: ~143 years

Reparation Period : 0 Years

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