Let me show you how I really like it 😌☝️

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fans to the front pls ⛓

✨VENMO/CASHAPP ~ $jadeblissx

That’s very thoughtful of you. Thank you in advance 😘

I’ve already made up my mind, but I’m willing to let the lovely folks who follow me decide 😋

—SHOULD @Fred_Baby7@twitter.com get permission to tonight???🤔

Comment 👍 for yes! 💦
Comment 👎 for no! 🙅‍♀️

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Look I like go goof around and smoke weed; What can I say besides I need to fucking shave, but I wasn’t at that part of the shower yet. See I smoke, bathe, smoke to make sure you didn’t come down in the shower, and continue the day 😂😂😂.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/daengerzone/status

Oh haiiiii!!!

If this hot n steamy weather isn't enough for you, check out my OnlyFans. That'll make you sizzle 🔥 Don't worry I'll quench your thirst! 😘 💦

👉 onlyfans.com/jadeblissx


It's been a while for me here, I've been working reallyyyy HARD on new kinky content and excited to share it!

Take a look at my ONLYFANS! You can subscribe for the price of a Philly cheesesteak! (provolone w/!)

I updated my site and made it into a hub for all my socials! Take a look how prettyyyy- made by Yours Truly! 😘

I now have an OnlyFans page! ✨
I'm having a great time making erotic content for your viewing pleasure!

If you're interested check the link I added and subscribe to see every square inch of meeeeee! I update content regularly! I'm also starting to offer custom videos for those not on OnlyFans or want to consume your content off grid!


This weekend! 4/24-26! Im offering FREE 10 min Skype calls or a teaser video/photos if you show me proof of dono via ink listed below.
Donos must be at least $20 & after time of this post* Pls do not send to me unless necessary! Im not organizing, just rallying for my fam! ☂


Ways to donate

Venmo: Cleo-X
Cashapp: $pbnpineapples
Put ☂️ in comments!

GoFundMe: gofundme.com/f/m4q8nw?utm_sour
Website: bit.ly/PHLSFund

Share & donate! 🙏🏻💜

Sunday's are for worshipping

Available for video chat on Skype/Zoom/Discord

Custom photos/Videos

Text me 215-392-2766

Jade <3


Please VOTE in your states primary election!! Everyone on this platform has a reason to vote unless your a bot & SkyNet isn’t happening in the next 4 years

Remember the SESTA/FOSTA mess. Did those laws actually help anyone? 🤔
The only good thing those laws did was to generate the need for a community platform like that is hosted offshore. That came at a cost tho - Payment platforms, social media, etc have SHUT their doors on us

So busy following my passion in life (I’ve been on a grind!) but sometimes I need to take some time to give my body what it craves! :licking_lips:

Perhaps you feel the same?!

Tell me what you’re craving!!

Read the thumbnail below if you’d like to see my kitty!! 🐱👅👇🏼👇🏼

Currently accepting affection from the sweetest boys!

Private Albums available
$40 for 8 photos of me taken just for you.
(I can verify they’re unique; if you’d like me to pose with a written message/date)
*Willing to fulfill pic requests if I’m into it

Thought Id post my NYE outfit I wore out last week!

I love any occasion I get to wear lingerie, especially outside of the bedroom.

I get many requests to share photos of my kitty. Mostly from people I’ve never even seen before, that’s not my style. Those of you that have seen me know I’m not shy in the slightest about showing every part of me, however it is thanksgiving and I’m feeling generous and frisky so here’s a little teaser

If you’d like to see more of my lovely kitty, then you’ll have to see me in person or on Skype.

Happy Thanksgiving, try not to OD on tryptophan! 😂

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