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Sex workers deserve the same services and rights as anyone else, Tryst is here to raise the bar. Run and developed by sex workers and technologists, we've put together an advertising platform which puts escorts first.
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"Clients could be more helpful to sex workers by respecting sex workers protocols do's and don’ts."
We chat to Estelle Angelique about how she got started, decriminalisation and her tips for newbies to online sex work.

"I’ve had several clients tell me that what sealed the deal in terms of wanting to set up a date was being able to read through my blog and get a better picture of who I am" Cherith Carter takes us through the pros and the cons of blogs and newsletters❤️

"Decriminalization would provide sex workers with basic human rights - like the right to justice, legal protection, dignity and equality." ❤️ We chat to Aiko Chimera about decrim, circus arts and her journey through sex work. ❤️

"Twitter can help create an amazing and supportive community, and it's how a lot of clients get to see more of your day to day passions." 💖 We chat to Mia Luca about dating as a sex worker, how she got started and her tips for newbies!💖

"Most mothers do feel their motherhood status is a big part of their identities but for you it was (from my perspective) the most involved part of your life." Jessie Sage chats to her (now) adult son about sex work and motherhood.💖

"He matches all of my donations to mutual aid organizations. We're bicoastal, and all of the art in our NY apartment was purchased from sex workers."💕 We chat to Mia Lee about moving from finance to sex work, decrim and her super supportive partner 💕

"Being able to open a bank account without fear of rejection shouldn’t be should be an everyday experience for sex workers of all kinds." 💕New piece from Georgie Wolf 💕

'Please remember we are all using fake names, and some of us are using fake pronouns. Stop saying “hey ladies” in the group chat.' 💕 We chat to @Calcifer_S about being a better ally to non binary and queer workers, FOSTA/SESTA and fighting stigma.

"I was broke & in debt & struggling financially a few years ago. I was extremely late on bills, student loans & couldn’t even afford health insurance but now I’m enjoying my part time life as a companion." Sophia Sakara chats to us about life as a companion.

"When a sex worker shares their story, it helps us understand - not just intellectually, but also emotionally." ✨Georgie Wolf dives into her favourite sex worker memoirs ✨

"Clients must understand discretion is of importance; however, safety is everyone’s top priority. We can be discreet with you; however, you cannot be anonymous to us." We chat with Dallas' Lulu Paige about how clients can make things easier for sw's💕

"The idea that vulnerable people should be separated from sexual services is anachronistic, unhelpful and damaging to the health and wellbeing of people with disability." Bronte Apelbaum talks sex work and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

"Like any small business, it’s a juggling act. And in addition to the everyday, there are also stigma, emotional labour and safety concerns to manage, if we’re to avoid the ever-present risk of ‘sex worker burnout’."

Georgie Wolf and Melbourne escort Charlie Swinton talk maintaining a work/life balance in the sex industry 💕

"It's also important for our society to embody the values it claims to represent – particularly, individual freedom. I think decriminalizing sex work will offer a layer of protection to workers, and strip off a layer of protection to perpetrators of abuse." We chat to Philadelphia escort Meridith Ye about decrim, her passion for music and life as a sex worker <3

"'I don't know if you know, but one real estate agency has emailed all the [others] your private details and your work details…and they've blacklisted you.'”
talks to sex workers about their experience with housing discrimination.

"Being able to facilitate more fluid conversations about sex and the role sex work plays in our society; being able to deconstruct patriarchal ideas that surround it; being able to include sex work as part of gender equality and feminist views" ❤ ❤
We chat to New York escort Adrianna Sol about FOSTA/SESTA, how she got into sex work and why the current binary image of sex work is dangerous.

"It reminded me of the vibe in some of the brothels where I used to work - hanging out with the ‘ladies,’ chatting about the mundane, and summoning up sexiness when required, no matter how long the shift."

✨ New post by Georgie Wolf on what to binge and avoid this holiday season✨

"The fact that sex work is stigmatized and illegal in many countries contributes to feelings of isolation and loneliness." ❤ We chat to Chicago's Gia Venetia about about mental health, dating and what it's like to be a face out sex worker. ❤

If you care about sex workers, please support this campaign by sharing where you can. Sex workers if you're able to, please make you're own video and tag Miss Mary Moody on Twitter to boost it. The war on sex needs to end.

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