@tiffanydiamondd can I ask why no AA? 🤔 Why are they not in the list just curious your not the first I've seen say this?

Moments like these I wish I had parents. Life would’ve been so much easier. Ugh

I should've went to
I'll be available for the rest of the weekend starting tomorrow out there Book me now!!!

Look everyone they even tell you What to say when calling ! Stopsesta.org


It's been a long week; seven days, maybe more.

Come pay me a visit or I can go to your place 😘
150 hh & 250 per hr incall
200 hh & 300+ per hour outcall

Location: Bellevue WA
Contact: 206 718 8996 text or call

What are you waiting for?! 😘😉🦄🍨🍉 CONTACT ME NOW!

#206 #425 #360

This account is rated PG-13 because I use the word fuck.

My mom would not approve.

Guys! Did you know that the taste of coca-cola was the first ever taste? The original taste? It says so right on the can.

finally! Got a post up on OneBackPage!! Let’s hope i get some hits !!! 📲📲📲

Wish me luck !! Happy stacking ladies !!

My favorite things about living with an escort for the last couple of years:
Rent and bills always paid on time.
Kept their areas of the house clean.
Didn't mind when I invited over escorts or dates.
Always lots of beautiful, open, non-judgemental people around.
No need for censorship in the house.
Spare bedroom actually got lots of use!
Able to let traavelling providers use the house as a safer and cheaper space for incalls.

I miss all that...

I wonder if you know that when you are booking for a quickie that there are others who are proceeding with screening with out my say so and are sending love notes to spend an hour or more with me 🙃😘

A in NV is now being harassed & stalked. He just sent her this.
Think she can go to Law Enforcement? Open Season on

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