I would very much like to go back to Hong Kong or Shanghai for more custom wardrobe staples this year 🥺 nothing quite like a bespoke piece...

One and done!

Thank you @carolinekellyxo@twitter.com for staying on the phone with me the entire time 😊

I’m definitely going to delete this but today last year was the worst day possible so comfort food was in order 🥰

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This is probably the least healthy meal I have ever made but wow is it tasty.
(Gluten free fried chicken is just not the same tho...)

Please for the love of god stop suggesting stocks 🥰

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The amount of responses on here from people who clearly don’t get paid in stacks of hard cash 😅

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I keep hearing that the US dollar is increasingly less stable but what are we supposed to hold instead of cash? Like do I go buy gold bricks?

I keep getting more sexy and less humble 🙄

I get absolutely obsessed with people who choose to spend exclusive stretches of time with me.
Thanks for making March a daydream.

They were sold out forever but I finally found an all black switch in the wild 😭
Who wants to fund my new addiction?

Just booked the dreamiest Airbnb for a FMTY next month 🥺
Now just to practice my patience...

Phoenix you were divine!

I have no further availability for March and am beginning to pre-book April.

My availability is increasingly limited due to my day job. Planning ahead is sexy!

The sleepover of my dreams, the night before the lockdown with @carolinekellyxo@twitter.com 💗

Since I am apparently a decade older than I thought I was now do I get the older distinguished silver foxes now?

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Seriously please how does this caption read as a birthday celebration??

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The birthday suit version everyone wanted to see will be on my fans page tonight 🤭

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