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Haven't been on here on ages and I no longer go by the name of 'Alana Young'. I now go by 'Alana Reign'. I hope you lovely people are doing well in this quarantined and that you all are spending quality time with loved ones! We can beat this shit together πŸ’•

Hey everyone. Today will be my last stream for the year. I’m dealing with some family issues and I shall return sometime in early 2021. So stop by and say hi! I’ll be on until 5:50pm est

this pic is from this summer and i still mentally think it is summer. can't nobody tell me different! you can take the girl out of aruba, but you cannot take aruba out of her!

I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in Salt Lake City, Grand Junction, Denver, Cheyenne, and Billings soon. To pre-book, visit

Last stream for the week until I can come back. Will be on until 6pm est. come by and be friendly! I don’t bite πŸŽƒ

had a free day from my classes today and will be online for a bit. come by and chat! 😊

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