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i am available in all afternoon/evening!


please feel free to email me at

I'm looking to make someones dreams come true!

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VERY Well Reviewed, Laid Back, I am in Bend until Saturday Morning! Come join me while I am here! I love making new friends.

---->>> <<<----

Location: BEND, OREGON
Contact: (512)920-3336

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" Her Mind is Deliciously Improper, and Her Body is an Aphrodisiac"


Monday 2pm-10pm
Tuesday 11am-10pm
Wednesday 11am-10pm
Thurday 11pm-10pm
Friday 11am-10pm
Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday 11am-10pm

Location: Beaverton, OR & Vancouver, WA

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Hello Switter!! It's been so long!!! Thank you to all that have started following me. Xoxox

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🍾🎈40 years baby!!! My life is a fucking rollercoaster, beautiful highs, emotional lows, and everything in between. I choose a gypsy lifestyle so that I can experience overwhelming passion, joy, love, pleasure, excitement, sorrow, sadness, heartbreak, pain in the most purest sense. Truth? Some days I am a wreck. But most days, most days are extraordinary. The best part? You amazing fucking people in our secluded-slice-of-heaven lifestyle. CHEERS!

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Good Morning all my switter friends! Have an amazing day!

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Looking for a friend that is simply insatiable? I love it as much as you do and I'm always ready to go!
I would love company today, the sooner the better.
Alesha 503-809-2521 text ok

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Good Morning Sexy Fellow Switters.

My plan for today, same as always, drink coffee and be sexy!

New Hair and New bod!

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A woman picked up a hitchhiker. During the ride,
Hiker: Aren't you nervous to pick up a stranger? I could be a serial killer

Woman: The possibility of there being 2 serial killers in the same car is Astronomical.


Stuck in San Jose/Milpitas until the 15th...what to do. 🤔

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@HobbyWannabee I want to thank you for all of your boosts, favorites, etc...with my posts. I really appreciate it. I'm terrible with my timing, but honestly have been meaning you message you this for some time now. I do recognize your kindness. -A

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Real acrobat and show performer currently booking for 5/30 to 6/2 for and . Check out my website and submit a screening form when you're ready to meet! General inquiries may be sent via email, DM, or text.

Petite 105 pounds and 5'1
All-natural 32DDD breasts
Blonde hair
Green Eyes

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Text: 702-472-7773

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Go on a high-flying adventure with a real acrobat! Now booking thrilling experiences for 5/23 - 5/25 for and . Please enjoy my website and submit a screening form when you're ready to book. General inquiries may be sent to my email.

105 pounds
All-natural 32DDD

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact: Text: 702-472-7773 Email: Website:


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