You may have already noticed, but we've got an actual, dedicated moderation team working on Switter now so we are able to respond to your reports much quicker than ever before! We're pretty excited and wanted to share a few tips on how to effectively report on Switter. (1/6)

Including context is super helpful. If you believe an account is fake, let us know why. If it is impersonating someone, let us know who. When you send us a report make sure you include the relevant posts by ticking the post so we know what you are reporting. (2/6)


If you or someone else is being harassed by another Switter user (or a user from another Mastodon instance) please include the relevant posts and let us know about the situation. We don't allow any A4 platform to be used to harass others but we can't take action if we don't know what the situation is. (3/6)

Like all users who aren't you or the sender, we can't see DMs that are sent to you, so if you are reporting something that has been DM'd to you make sure to include it in the report so we are able to see the content you are reporting. (4/6)

Switter is federated with other Mastodon instances. We can't control what those instances allow, however if you are seeing content from other instances that you are concerned about you can report it to us so we can at least prevent that content appearing in the Switter timelines. You can tell it is another instance because the username will show the domain name of the remote instance. (5/6)

Moderation helps us ensure Switter is an enjoyable place to be! We're here to help so you can reach out to us here with questions (DM or public message) as well as the report feature. Switter is a place for all sex workers and we want to support all of our users! (6/6)

@switter_mod Thank you for your quick work to keep it clean!
@switter delivers! ❤️😍🌹👊🎁💝

(why did I not see this too thread earlier... because I hadn't followed duh! Following to atone)

@switter_mod I have not been able to upload pix for months now. What is the issue now??

@tantrictigress Hey Sahara! I can't see any issues with your account and we can see image posting is working fine for others, can you give it another go and let me know if you see any errors and what those errors say? I'd also suggest trying a different browser or app if you haven't already.

@switter_mod we used to be able to link our Twitter, no? Just curious how to do that’s because it looked as though it was as of November, then stopped being linked? Thank you!

@QueenChandrelle there shouldn’t be any issue linking Twitter, what’s happening when you try? And can you clarify if you mean in a post or on your profile links?

@switter_mod how do we link it then? Because it had been initially (back in ‘18) and I just forgot how to do that. Just all the posts from Twitter I thought would automatically post at toots here. So that’s what I need help with. Thank you!

@QueenChandrelle Ahhh I see! You'll need a crossposting app to do that (there's nothing native to Mastodon or Twitter), there are a bunch out there but I don't have one I can recommend unfortunately. Searching something like "Twitter to Mastodon cross post" should help you find something.

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