Happy US to my & family around the World!

The teasing or enticing ads, gratuitous T&A, vids or funny memes, to serious thoughts & discussions, y’all help get me thru each trying day. I’m more knowledgeable & friskier everyday, thanks to y’all non-bot, non-fraud, consensual beautiful people.

To those whom I’ve positively interacted w/, Thank you being in my life! Hang in there, stay safe, stay healthy 🤗😘😍🌹👊🏼🤞🏼🍁❤️💵

Thanks @switter_mod for cleaning up!

@Gongzero @switter_mod Have a good Thanksgiving buddy. What you say is true. This place can be a nice retreat and a treat. I miss so many of the interesting people who have left the Switterverse


@Snatchsingle @Gongzero Happy Thanksgiving (belated? Time zones are hard to keep track of!) from the whole team here and thanks for the shoutout! :D

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@switter_mod in time! Thank you for your well-wishes, and keep up with the good work! We will do our part! 👊🏼🙏🏼 @Snatchsingle

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