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Hey folks, welcome our new mod account @switter_mod

If you're interested in helping us moderate, e-mail us at

And we’re back! As always we we’ll be monitoring things and making a few more performance tweaks in the next few days

Happy tooting 💜

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Reminder that we're going down for maintenance in 15 minutes.

toot toot

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Hey Swithearts, we’re going to be upgrading our capacity today from 4-5PM (UTC +10)

The site will be temporarily unavailable during this time. We’ll post an update when we’ve completed the upgrade.

You can also follow us for updates on outages and upgrades on twitter twitter

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We're aware some users are having issues with the site - we're looking into it and will be deploying more capacity later today 💜

We woke to a super exciting email saying we’d been nominated for best adult web developers and best adult website for @SwitterSocial and @WeAreTryst in the ’s. Voting is still open if you feel like helping us win :P @lolahunt's in there too

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We should be good now. We received another spike in traffic and one of our poor overworked servers couldn't take it and for some reason didn't take itself out of the rotation.

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Guess what Switter! Our latest project @tryst is now live in AU, NZ, SG, KL and HK.

We're also starting sign ups in CA, UK and Europe. The first 6 months are on us while we're growing :)

We're attempting to flip advertising on it's head so there will be loads of new features rolling out over the next few months.

Join us! We'd love your feedback and thoughts:

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Sign ups now open for CA, UK and Europe! Profiles live in AU, NZ and Asia. We're offering 6 months free for the first 200 competed profiles in each country!

Sex workers deserve the same services and rights as anyone else, Tryst is here to raise the bar. Run and developed by sex workers and technologists, we've put together an advertising platform which puts escorts first.

US Sign ups are on hold for the moment due to legislation. Stay tuned though, we're working on it

Did you know we have a twitter account? In the case we go down, we will post about it there!

Due to threat of legal action we have removed the posts about a third party site that shall not be named.

We still stand by your rights as a user.

It's your data, consent matters.

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Looks like someone fed the servers after midnight and they've turned into gremlins.


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Annnnd we're back - sorry folks, the infrastructure that serves our routing decided it wanted a nap too 😴

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We're seeing slow media loads due to a network issue with an upstream provider and we are monitoring the situation.

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Assembly Four will always fight for secure communications, privacy, and digital rights and will reject any legislation that intends to weaken them

Switter has been experiencing some network issues, @j and @e are on the case

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Randomly generated test data for my local Tryst environment came up with this gem as an outcall description 🦑 💦

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Hey folks, we're experiencing mail delivery issues to the Microsoft family of addresses (,,, office365 domains included)

We'll hopefully have an update in the next 24 hours

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Hey Swithearts,

Did ya'll know we have two-factor authentication? If you haven't set it up, now is a good time to add an extra layer of protection!

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Please share! MPs in the UK are trying to pass a FOSTA/SESTA-like bill in the UK:

There's an emergency protest being organised on July 4th to protest against this:

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