And we’re back! As always we we’ll be monitoring things and making a few more performance tweaks in the next few days

Happy tooting 💜

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We woke to a super exciting email saying we’d been nominated for best adult web developers and best adult website for @SwitterSocial and @WeAreTryst in the ’s. Voting is still open if you feel like helping us win :P @lolahunt's in there too

Guess what Switter! Our latest project @tryst is now live in AU, NZ, SG, KL and HK.

We're also starting sign ups in CA, UK and Europe. The first 6 months are on us while we're growing :)

We're attempting to flip advertising on it's head so there will be loads of new features rolling out over the next few months.

Join us! We'd love your feedback and thoughts:

Switter has been experiencing some network issues, @j and @e are on the case

We're holding another Online Security Workshop. It's time to get your geek on!
Time: 6:30pm PTD UTC-7 2nd July (or 11am on the 3rd AEST)
Location: Online.
Cost: $5 donation to help us keep running @SwitterSocial
Head over to for more! :D

We've just hit 100k users over on Switter! @AssemblyFour have some super exciting news we'll be announcing in a few days. Stay tuned Switthearts!

Switter cofounder @lolahunt will be taking part in an awesome AMA over on reddit this Thrusday.

Wondering about Switter, Sex Work or FOSTA/SESTA in Aus? Now's your chance to ask! She'll be online answering questions Thursday over on @j and @e will also be joining to answer any questions you may have. :D Hit us up!!

Hey Australia! Great news! You can now link to your Switter profile on Scarlet Blue :D

Introducing Top Toots! We're still working on integration directly from Switter but in the meantime - take a look at Switter's most popular!

J just checked the stats for .. it's been 3 days since we launched the free listings section. Wow :D Keep those coming!!!

Feature update:
You can now list when you are working on
The wonderful @j popped this together literally in a few hours so we are still making improvements.

- use the hashtag
- list your location (you need to actually write "location: canberra" not just the location.
- list your contact info

Please only post once or twice per day.

Simply type in your area. :)

Another devastating blow to the community. has been seized by the US government and shutdown. To all the providers who relied on this, we are truly sorry and are working on a solution for the interim over on

We're now the 10th biggest (in users) Mastodon Instance in the world!! And it's only day 4 :D

Signing out at 600 this evening 😀 This is so fantastic. May Switter remain our safe place 🙌 Keep spreading the word. The more the merrier.

To ensure that NSFW content on here doesn't get exposed to minors or people who do not consent to viewing of such material (as toots here can appear on other instances), we will be switching over everyone's publishing settings "always mark media as sensitive" to on to reflect the new defaults.

Don't worry, all your content is still there! If you'd like to see all sensitive content by default, you can enable it in your Settings -> Preferences at the bottom: Always show media marked as sensitive

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