Many of you have asked if we were taking donations and today we’re happy to announce that we are accepting donations for the ongoing costs of Switter! You can donate via Liberapay and Patreon. Here's a run down:


this is great, and needed! Hardware, connectivity, and people’s time takes money!! You have my support!

Thanks for making switter great!


Hi. Will you at some point be taking cryptocurrency donations like Bitcoin or Litecoin? I can usually give more of that form of payment than fiat cash

@switter is finally accepting donations to help maintain the ongoing costs of switter! Go & support now !!

@switter Do you have any BITCOIN address or ETH address to donate?

@mx740 we do indeed, you can find that info on our donation page <3

@switter Hopefully Patreon does not get scared by this SESTA shit. :)

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