Hey Switterverse!

Here is the new Code of Conduct. In short:

- No reviews
- No affiliate links
- No posting on behalf of any other party without consent.
- No explicit language or acronyms to refer to specific sexual services within listings

We did come to this decision over reviews yesterday after taking into consideration all the feedback we got from emails as well as feedback from the community and moderators. They have also only just been made aware of this update. We're still learning, but we'll ensure to keep them in the loop with a little more notice next time :)

@switter That's too bad. I don't know about other clients, but I will be sticking with providers I know or agencies I know. Without reviews, I doubt I'll be trying any new Indy's.

@fsn57 @switter you might be able to ask the individual whether she has any references she can provide, just like we ask clients for references occasionally.

@Bettiebrickhouse @switter Bettie, That probably won't happen. A client is not likely to contact another client directly for references, especially one he doesn't already know. One nice thing about a review site, you can also look at the reviewer to see if he is credible, or if that his tastes are similar to mine. On the postivie side, I will actually save $$ by just seeing known providers and agencies, I've already saved $$ since FOSTA started.

@fsn57 @switter I’ve thought about video taping reviews of clients, and blurring their face/voice out, but it hasn’t really been an issue so far.

@fsn57 @Bettiebrickhouse @switter As a client that doesn't engage in reviewing or really bother to look at them, reviews not being around have not hindered me from being able to engage with new Indy providers. The notion that reviews are in some way a form of credibility for both the provider & client seems farce to me. Reviews have always been a way of explicitly detailing every little thing that happened. Personally, I prefer to read testimonials. Leaves all the unnecessary explicit stuff out.

@Danny @Bettiebrickhouse @switter I've been disappointed so many times with providers that don't look like their pics, or that provide a different level of service than expected, or in some cases were just plain unreliable. Many of the specific details in reviews I agree are unnecessary. Also the subjective comments as to looks isn't of much value either. However, reviews have saved me a lot of aggravation in the past and do provide some level of safety as well. Not so much a farce to me.

@Danny @Bettiebrickhouse @switter this is truly a Hobby for me, and not necessary for me to waste time or money on unknowns. So I will continue to see providers I know or agencies. For me to stray into the world of an Indy, there has to be some reviews out there.

@fsn57 @Bettiebrickhouse @switter
Asking a provider if they can provide any reviews still shouldn't be a problem if the provider is on top of their game at finding info about themselves online. I for one can still find a few places where I am reviewed. Right now it seems to be more of an issue for new providers to be able to get out there and become established but there are still some existing resources out there for some of us indy

@DestinyRI @Bettiebrickhouse @switter I agree, if reviews can still be found then there's a chance. Some sites still do reviews (but not many, and not many providers on these sites yet), so all is not lost. However, the desire of providers to be unreviewed will limit some clients (such as myself) from considering them. That's their choice and if that business model works for them, then great. Just not for me.


Isn't it ironic that those who advocate open and honest dialog always seem the first to suppress it? 🤔

Hi Switter Team - We do understand that your decision of "No Reviews" would have been based on wide consideration, but you should also try to understand the fact that as Hobbyists, we should at least be able to pen few lines of comment on our time with a companion. Without anything, new Hobbyists / clients may not take the dive to see the companion.

@switter All notifications in my account have disappeared. Is this part of the changes?

@switter From the client side the lack of reviews will severely limit the usefulness of the site. That in turn will limit its growth - adversely affecting its ability during its critical start up phase to gain the critical mass necessary to make it viable. From my personal perspective in its current format the site is better than nothing. But that is indeed faint praise.

Would “I had a great time with JaneDoe this afternoon” be considered a review?

@switter Thank you! Good riddance hobby culture! I am NOT a hobby.

switter...code of conduct really seems to go against switter "sex worker friendly environment " claim


@switter QUESTION🙋 Seems you forgot about the -s

in you don't say if we can use # such as

and then # such as etc....

can you also say why your listing rules changed so much? Not fighting it just curious?!??!?

And really looking for clarification on services

@KLttyKat @switter those are fine, the rules are mainly about more explicit terms. We’d been working on new rules for a new weeks, it’d just taken time to implement; we did announce them a week ago for public review

@KLttyKat @switter
Excellent Question
I'm not exactly a ProDomme but provide similar BDSM services as a Dom/Daddy/Top and wondered about the new changes on the listings

@KLttyKat hey, sorry for the confusion - we aren't banning BDSM, we are banning explicit acronyms.

In regards to the listing rules, we threw it together in response to backpage going down and didn't have any direct rules for it.

@switter can you please give examples of what an affiliate link would be? TIA

@switter could you please let me know whether the "You may not use any explicit language or acronyms to refer to specific sexual services" applies if I'm advertising in a country where sex work is legal? If so, should I delete all my toots which break this rule? I thought the reason for Switter was so we could be open about the fact that we're sexworkers.. Ps is there any way I can embed my Switter feed on my website?

@switter Can you explain what an affiliate link is? Is it OK to have a link to my own website on my profile page or in my listing? please advise. thx!

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