Hey Swithearts! We're going to be updating our Code of Conduct soon but wanted your feedback before we do.

Our main focus is changing the rules around Reviews, Listings and Interacting as a Company on Switter.

Please have a read and send your feedback to

@switter sounds good. Thinking about about potential issues:

how does one prove their review is truthful when accused of being such?

What about cases where consent to review is provided but they don't like the review upon seeing it (because it's truthful but a bad review) and want it removed?

@switter I think the guidelines are agreeable for the most part. The only gray are for the reviews guidelines are around “evidence of consent from the provider”. Curious if Switter would provide any examples of what this evidence might look like?

@switter I really love these new proposals. They're very well thought out.

@switter I'm a member of a site created after the demise of that well-known SF site in 2014. There was great enthusiasm and migration from the refugees at the start. It soon developed a code of conduct much like the one you present. The lessons to learn from it are: It is boring, very few members remain active. It does not give clients what they want or allow providers, many providers, the opportunity to let clients know what they offer.

Everyone should take a peak at this document.👀

@switter It's a bad idea that a reviewer must have the permission of the provider to post a review. If the reviewer wants to report to the community important negative information concerning safety, reliability, or integrity, the provider would most certainly censor this. I urge you to rethink your new policy before you make it official.

@jgentleman07 @switter the way it's set up I could see there only being positive general reviews aka worthless.

So I assume you'll have to go off of the number of endorsements they have if none or very few you have to read between the lines.

This would be detrimental to brand new providers I imagine though.

@switter lookinget at the new world means everyone needs to change. SwittEric and assembly4 can only do what they can. The rest is up to us hobbyisy and provider. We all know what we desire. We also know there is a difference between " your face could stop a clock or your face makes time stand still". Learn

@switter people need to STOP with the explicit shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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