Hey guys! Just a quick note. Switter is NOT based in the US. Our servers are OUTSIDE the US and we are ensuring that Switter won't be effected by SESTA/FOSTA. We are using a CDN for safety which is what many sites also use. Please spread this. There is a lot of misinformation going around.

@switter This can also mean slower ping times for those of us in the US at times so BE PATIENT.

so... the .at TLD showed up as it being linked to the country of Austria, not Australia (which has the TLD of .au).

@VixenBlu We use the Austrian TLD, but we're based in Australia. Confusing, right? 😆

Actually, that's not confusing at all but now you've explained why I see people saying this is based in Australia even though you're using .at TLD

@switter You are based in Australia, the TLD is Austrian, the CDN servers are in USA, and the servers behind are where? 😆

@switter Small heads-up amongst the squillions of other things you have to deal with! I was looking for a non-US hosting platform and ran a who-hosts search on It came back showing Cloudflare which is a US or Canada based cloud operation. I know why people use Cloudflare, but don't know if this threatens your offshore server comments.

@switter I'm glad you have done that do you need any funding to help make things work?

@tidrowj Hey John! We'll be taking donations shortly. :) We're just setting everything up but hopefully we'll be accepting them in the next week or so :)

@switter @tidrowj awesome because we need to keep this thing up and like how John has mentioned in a toot earlier growth cost money, so we can only assume that the there will definitely need to be more servers added to handle all the traffic and data and more Mods to Moderate this platform, we want to help as much as possible 🙏🏾

@Danny @switter

I will be in Zurich and Amsterdam in about three weeks to look at server farms that can be bought and donated to protonmail, Switter and others that need space. They have to control the sites no leasing.

If they don't want to have the farms in europe if someone need hardware or software to handle the growth. Send specs to

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