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@switter hi trying to post a posting for massage can u help please

@switter I've sent about 6 emails and got no reply for my other acct...

@AlexandraMilw2 @switter Ive been emailing both support and hello @AssemblyFour and the emails keep getting bounced back??? How can you reach support?? I also left DM on Twitter. My main account was marked for spam and shut down and Idk why? Really would like to get some help to try and get it reinstated as I value this platform very much.

@switter Hello, is there a way to recover a deleted account. I deleted my account by mistake about 5 hours ago. Please let me know. Thank you! The accidentally deleted account is @jaguya ... I hope there is a way back!

@switter I have reached out to that account as my other main account was deleted for "spam" and I do not spam 😂 the emails keep getting returned???

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