Hello Switter,

We've been made aware of a specific account which has been suspended and we are submitting the data to the authorities.

The @switter account is not actively monitored due to the amount of mentions it receives.

If you see an account of this nature, immediately contact @e, @j and @lolahunt or e-mail

We take this very seriously and are thankful for everyone who has reported this and for making our community a better place.

@switter @e @j @lolahunt

"If you see an account of this nature, ..."

That is a puzzling request, since you do not even hint at what "nature" you're asking us to watch for. What is/was the offense? What are the signs?


@switter @e @j @lolahunt

Someone has told me that the person that had the account under @PornMunchies has made a new account under the name @SlutSniffer. I can’t see it because they have probably blocked me. Can someone please look into this and shut it down if that is the case. Thank you!!

@Stonewall13 @switter @e @j @lolahunt

SlutSniffer seems to have no media but they offer a link outside of switter to get in touch with them.

@ebeck0852 @switter @e @j @lolahunt

This account definitely needs to be removed. A link to contact them is just as unacceptable as posting of child porn which is what they were doing before.

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