Guess what Switter! Our latest project @tryst is now live in AU, NZ, SG, KL and HK.

We're also starting sign ups in CA, UK and Europe. The first 6 months are on us while we're growing :)

We're attempting to flip advertising on it's head so there will be loads of new features rolling out over the next few months.

Join us! We'd love your feedback and thoughts:

@switter @tryst i signed up! Just didn’t set my location yet since I’m in Canada. I just added my London UK tour. ☺️☺️

@switter @tryst but I signed up before this promotion came out 😢😢 literally at 3 am when I had nothing to do lol.

@switter @tryst How can it be ethical when you offer free ads for 6 months so we can build up your site for you and then you charge us? Sounds like the usual wacked shit

@switter @tryst it's not letting my post on switter right now :( I get a message "error 500"


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