Switter has been experiencing some network issues, @j and @e are on the case

@switter @j @e Thanks for all your hard work guys and gals! It really is appreciated!

@switter @j @e I was real scared for a minute there. Thanks for your hard work 💋

@switter @j @e Thanks for the hard work, folks.

I'm mostly boosting this because of The Great Mouse Detective, if I'm being honest.🤣

@Kmalm @switter @j I'm glad that you appreciate my choice of gifs, the great mouse detective was a favourite of mine growing up.

@e Lots of little brothers and sisters in my house, and this is one of the movies we had playing on a regular basis.

I should watch it again, it has been far too long.

@e @switter @j any video I try doesn’t work and I don’t know what Os is

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