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Don’t miss this babe!


I'm traveling again!! I'm ready for dinner dates, tender touches, & connecting. Let's get together 🧡

San Francisco- Nov 9-13

Seattle- Nov 13-17


Will you be my emotional support Canadian,

There have been a whole bunch of people who have subscribed and messaged me then immediately unsubscribed.
a) That is cheating
b) I can't even message you with your video if you've unsubscribed, so you're accomplishing nothing😂


If you sign up for my Only Fans and DM me your "I voted" sticker, I will send you a FREE Halloween themed sexy video😘

Don’t miss this lovely lady😍


Now I have your attention... 😉 I'm accepting limited bookings in the San Francisco Bay Area during November.

Ladies, all retweets appreciated. ❤️

PS. Exercise your civic right to VOTE today! Do it for me as I can't (expat problems)


If you sign up for my Only Fans and DM me your "I voted" sticker, I will send you a FREE Halloween themed sexy video😘

Me, me, me!🙋🏻‍♀️


I’m in SF until November 3rd.

Who’s going to welcome me back? 💋

Why won't Only Fans let me upload photos/videos to DMs and when will this be over😭



Guess what?! I’ll be offering outcalls in NYC and the select FMTY starting July 1st! I’ll also be doing a short visit to Colorado. Catch me while you can 🏃🏻

✈️ Denver 7/10-7/13



I just launched my OnlyFans page, and I’m *super* fucking excited about it!

Want to know more? Read on.



Another couple to play with this weekend. 😎😈

Who’s going to be my first date for November? 😌☺️

Surprise! It's me, mostly naked. Which isn't really surprising, honestly.

Also, my Only Fans is 50% today only, so you should probably get on that


I’m so hesitant to post photos that strike me as imperfect. The back roll and the bunch in my knickers almost made me toss this photo out! Ladies and gents, I’d love your thoughts on this. What do you do with a good photo that shows a some flaws? ❤️

I wrote a "thank you" for a reference request over a year ago, and just now received a "your welcome" reply. What?


🍓My OnIyFans is 50% off for a limited time - link in comments 🍓

Now OF isn't letting me upload videos? Great great

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