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I have multiple SW friends being targeted and doxxed online.

Does anyone have any resources that could be useful to find out who is behind this?

Please RT for reach. It is much appreciated 🙏

I got accepted into a program that I’m really excited about!🤩

Buy me a celebratory drink or a nice dinner tonight: $yoursophiaskye

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Would you be my 2B? 😚💺

I’m off to San Francisco!
Still seeking one dinner date 📧

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Poll for SWers only:

What’s your relationship status?

Hiking duo date in Marin, please🙏

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Patiently awaiting my next hiking date 🥺

Pre-planned hiking dates on my offerings include Breakneck Ridge, parts of the Appalachian and el Camino Primitivo, Halema’uma’u Trail, Machu Picchu and of course Redwood National Park😍

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🌉SF May 23rd-26th Duo wishes part 2

Make my dreams come true and book me with @yoursophiaskye@twitter.com, @reddivinityxo@twitter.com, @delphine_x_@twitter.com and @GemmaParadiseXO@twitter.com!

(see above + below replies for tour dates and more dream duos!⬇

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Poll for SWers only:

What’s your relationship status?

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I've restructured my rates to simplify my offerings, incentivize extended experiences, and to re-offer single-hour rates at a premium.

Additionally, my newsletter signup is officially complete. This will keep you up-to-date with my national tours.


Wishing there were a book aimed at in accepting family/loved ones of sex workers. Anyone have recommended reading for that audience? (Books, blogs, articles, anything.)

There are many people who don’t believe we can have healthy romantic relationships. If you are married or in a committed relationship and want to share more details, my DMs are open💗 this info will be shared anonymously with people who don’t believe we can be in relationships

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Poll for SWers only:

What’s your relationship status?

I remember a poll about the relationship statuses of sex workers. Can’t remember when or by whom. Can anyone link me to it?

Love NY: the culture, the people, the food. It’s good to be back❤️

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Back home in SF 💛

✈️Dallas 4/5 - 4/7
🛰Houston 4/7-4/9

💻 madelinevonn.nl

📷 @2ndLIFEphoto@twitter.com

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California, here I come! ✈️

Very excited to be making a visit to my old stomping grounds. Reach out if you would like to meet in the flesh.

📍San Francisco: 4/14-17
📍Los Angeles: 4/19-23

💌 ezraro@protonmail.com
💋 ezraro.com

✨Pls RT✨

Now that I’m fully vaxxed and yearning for social interaction, there’s growing list of providers I’d like to meet: @yr_fave_martian@twitter.com @ZuriL0ve@twitter.com @helloolivialo@twitter.com @NinaMonaEXP@twitter.com @FawnCoyote@twitter.com @RiverSummersNYC@twitter.com @ilovedannygold@twitter.com

Who else would I get along with?

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This red head is two-stepping into your state in less than two weeks. Will you show me where all the cowboys have gone? 🥃

Dallas • Apr 17-21
Houston • Apr 22-25

RTs returned ✨


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Teuta Matoshi‘s new spring floral dresses. that’s it that’s the tweet 💐

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