I just discovered vegan pâté, and it’s incredible🤤🤤

Well, I would like this😍

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Debating whether or not to extend my upcoming visit to SF.... Do reach out if you would like to spend some time together March 6-10 so I can make my decision!


Yes, more of this!

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This is what drug education should look like.

The great thing about not believing in astrology is that nothing bad ever happens to me when everyone else is complaining about Mercury in retrograde😂

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Due to COVID19 I’ll be blessing the first 450 people to like & retweet this $500 - $3500 through CashApp, Venmo , Apple Pay and Zelle💖

Dm “how “ for payment 💰💰

Um, anyone else find the COVID test nose swab to be pleasurable? It’s like an inner nose massage; very relaxing😂

Where do people advertise in SF these days? I put up an ad on Tryst, and got exactly ONE email the entire month and it was a "you avail," so clearly Tryst is not the answer😂

Happy Valentine’s Day. Thankful for all the love in my life from my dear clients to my cat.💗 Be thankful for love every day not just today: it is the essence of life, keeps us all connected, and helps us through difficult times❤️

Listening to goth music and feeling nostalgic. Missing that beautiful culture that (ironically) shaped me into the bright, sparkling being that I am today🖤✨

If you love me, you should also follow @Catsophia3@twitter.com, which is NOT my account, but it's kind of amazing, and my kitty would appreciate it very much😽

Every time someone wants to control my body hair:

My rates have gone down from $30,000 to $5,000. I was feeling EXTREMELY generous today. He should be thankful😊

It looks like my favorite cupcake shop is doing gift cards now, so if you’d like to help me celebrate this joyous day, you know where to go:

Can I just make an Only Fans for my cat instead?

I stacked boxes on my chair to prevent the car from sitting in it, but my efforts have failed. Apparently she finds the Valentino box to be rather comfortable😂

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