A very happy and safe Saturday to Switterverse! Another beautiful Excessive Heat Warning weekend here in Vegas 🙄

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Somehow I accidentally deleted everyone I was following. I didn’t even know you could do this.

Please like this post and retweet so I can find everyone again!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/madisonmaloneaz/st

Lived here in Vegas for over 25 years and this grasshopper infestation is the craziest thing I've ever seen here. Everywhere I go it's like there are these feathers flying around in the air. Crazy!!

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Please require extra screening this week. There is an abusive client on the loose. Has been known to contact off of


Indian male. Claimed to stay at New York New York room 1154 but send women to fake rooms to put them in danger. Stay safe.

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Guess who made kitty of the month here at the Kit Kat Ranch here in Mound House?? This has been such a warm place to work and play, I am so grateful! 💋😍

If you have never experienced the ranches, know that we are ALL clean, safe and kind. Come here to meet one of us for yourself, better yet... come be with a TOP KITTY! 😻

📝 Mariesinclair@kitkatranch.com

WHOA another earthquake - felt that one all the way here in Vegas and much bigger than yesterday

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Hush your mind 🙇🏻‍♂️ Relax your body 🚶🏻‍♂️
Inch by inch, my slow and sensual hands will have you feeling calm and blissful 🌞 (and then euphoric😻) Join me at my private 🌟 I'll rub you down with a little bit of warm while you run your hands over my frame 👐🏼
✨ completely and utterly serene ✨

🌐Website: elisablue.com
🗺 Location: Denver, Colorado
📲 Contact: 7205383795

A very Happy July 4th to everyone in Switterverse - I appreciate everyone in this community - thank you to the ladies who make all of our days just that much better. Let's all hope that next July 4 we can celebrate open freedom and safety for everyone in the hobby 🍻

First day at a new job - weird when you haven't started a new job in 14 years - forgot how foreign everything seemed

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Hi Everyone! 🤗

I have officially made a account: @KittyKatMarieS

Follow me on twitter for the most up to date info on my touring schedule as well as special rates! 😱😱

Twitter: @KittyKatMarieS



Marie 💋

There was once a man from Lyme who married three wives at a time: when asked why a third, he replied "one's absurd, and two of em sir, is a crime"

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Hey hi friends! It’s my least favorite day of the week (Sunday) but I’m not that upset about it. I think because this week will be some retail therapy. I need lashes filled, nails, new dresses, and another tattoo maybe! Who knows! Love you all enjoy these uber ride selfies

call/text: 805-876-4340

📧email: liliana.booking@gmail.com

Happy International Sex Workers day to everyone. Let's celebrate and show appreciation to all of our fabulous ladies who risk a lot to be able to enrich all of our lives. And let's toast to a safe, prosperous future where regulations actually make things safer, rather than more dangerous. Thank you to all you ladies for being willing to take those risks. We appreciate you.

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It’s finally the weekend & I bet you could use a lil’ pampering from a & Let me take care of you

Go to my website for more information

Love to Kiss/Caress • A+ Oral skills • Lover Not A Fighter • Passionate • Sensual •

100% Independent & drive myself to dates. No BS No Drama/Games... unless we’re talking about Twister 💋

702-660-9009 💋💋

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To all of my GENTS:

This summer has been one of the best I've had in a while, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me get to where I am today.

That being said: I have found a more exclusive relationship with someone who I will spending most of my time with, eventually transitioning from the hobby for GOOD!


I don't know when I'll be making the final leap, just know i'm in the process.... :(

Contact me directly to book our time together!


Getting laid off is no bueno whatsoever. 😕

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Picture this for a second...you’re fresh out of a long day at work. You go home, get comfy, & open a bottle of wine🍷🥂 suddenly there’s a knock at the door and it’s ME eager and ready to relax your body and spice up your day😋

Sounds good? Great let’s make it happen.

call/text: 805-876-4340

📧email: liliana.booking@gmail.com

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