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Any providers out there who are fellow Hufflepuffs and in the DC area?

Back on Switter after a forever break.

Where did everybody go?? 👀

Anyone hosting in , Arizona any time between May 17th and May 22nd?

Or downtown between May 9th and May 16th?

This is the governor of the State of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.

Hello, Michigan. :elizathink:

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😍 PITTSBURGH INCALL February 14- February 16

🔥 Book now so I Can confirm trip:
see my website for details:

🎁 350 plus for body rubs
🎁 400 for body worship
🎁 500/hr gfe

🐯 I am a dominant alpha girlfriend who likes teasing and games. long games and short games.

I end every session with reiki

❤️ review special only on private delights and TNA. 100 off if you review me within three days of seeing me.

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🎁 gfe//please see site for more donation and details:

👍 prebooking (w deposit) gets personalized vid or pic depending on your fetish. I have already started booking so email

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have a good superbowl. got my wish. xxx incall closed. next one I think will be around vday. thinking of doing it the day before so your wives dont find out ❤️ ❤️

no more review specials after tonight.

yeah sex is cool but have you ever spent 30 minutes trying to talk with your cat?

Does anyone know how I can lose 10 pounds?

SpiderSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the best animated film I have ever seen. 10/10 !!! Go watch it!

The Cheesecake Factory bread is now being sold in stores.

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safely back home and already planning my next tour to !

Feb 1-4

currently accepting pre-bookings:

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, it's been a trip!

i'm heading back to tomorrow and starting to accept dates for Jan 21-31. ❤️

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Any providers out there who are fellow Hufflepuffs and in the DC area?

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‪happy Friday, lovers!‬

‪catch me in next week! Jan 9-12‬

‪then Jan 13-Feb 7, 12-28‬

Feb 8-11‬

March 5-19 ‬

‪book soon to avoid disappointment. 💖‬


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i loathe getting my nails done but damn, i’m in love with this gold glitter over white!

this also completes my beauty prep for my tour this week. limited availability Jan 9-12; email for appt requests.

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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen of Switter 😍

I hope everybody had a great day!

I'm posting my first picture for 2019....yahoooo! 😁

💥 Boost and/or fav this if you can....and as always it is appreciated 💥

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