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cop car down in west philly!

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.@AOC@twitter.com: If you're calling for an end to unrest, but not calling out police brutality, not calling for health care as a human right, not calling for an end to housing discrimination, all you're asking for is the continuation of quiet oppression.

your silence makes you complicit with a broken system built on racialized state-sanctioned violence, legalized slavery, & white terror. when you feel comfortable, you’re not doing the work. yt people and NBPoC need to step the fuck up now

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rt if you think anonymous should delete tr*mps tw*tter account

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Journalists covering - don’t forget that on Monday there is a city budget hearing that cuts millions in community services and programming, while increasing police budget by $14million. The larger story is not just what’s happening today.

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I'm monitoring the Philadelphia Police Scanner. I will include all updates in this thread

quarantine + summertime warmth = no pants everyday

i’m doing a virtual smut reading tonight of my own and @53plus47@twitter.com’s work, details and rsvp at bit.ly/smutzoom i’m #6 in the lineup and it’s an open mic at the end

hottie w a body

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Morning tease

my onlyfans is extremely cute and i've started releasing bts and extras from my pandemic themed fistable sex doll porn which will be premiered on the platform at the end of the month. just $8/month for all my erotic work what are you waiting for?! 🔑 in bio

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Heather María Ács got tired of seeing quality LGBTQ film and TV disappear after the film festival circuit. So she took the problem into her own hands and launched a new streaming platform. Welcome to the world of Femme Power TV.

my on-screen makeout with Heather from last night! fucking adore this wild femme ✨💖✨

when you run into your friend at a sex party and they’re wearing the SAME outfit as you!

i can wear a mini dress with heels, install shelves with power tools and do a photoshoot all at once my friends. it’s called brilliant femme with skills you should try sometime

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Some of the finest Sex Education clips I’ve seen in the past days. No need to speak Spanish to understand what the deal is ✨ twitter.com/666ganjahh/status/

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Give the gift of indie porn! Sponsor a spank bank of exquisite porn by sending a @PinkLabelTV@twitter.com's Gift Card for a free subscription or film credits to friends & lovers around the world! (Pics ft. me + Danni Daniels @slutsnax@twitter.com @vonbettie@twitter.com.)

🎁 Use my link: pinklabel.tv/on-demand/giftcar

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