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Towards the end of Enid Blyton’s life, her stories started to take a dark turn.

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Case against Noted Degenerate Ghislaine Maxwell not expected to go well, due to associations with other Noted Degenerates.

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Without a doubt RTÉ’s greatest news report ever. Gets better and better at every single turn.

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Has Tim Brooke-Taylor been reincarnated ?

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Family Bike Ride 😁

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I have no words ....


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Someone is suing Twitch because women on it are too sexy. And here are the (NSFW) "harms" he describes.

I... have no words.

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I have been a contestant in 2018 and a judge 2020 of the Smut Marathon and I'd like to add @RebelsNotes@twitter.com is a kind, supportive individual whose hard work made a really worthwhile competition come to fruition.
Marie is a creator and I thank heaven for such people...

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Wha ?? Really ??

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Wendy Craig is 86 today, Happy Birthday Wendy 🎁🎂

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It's Summer Solstice 20 June, 2020 at 21:44 UTC. The northern hemisphere is now exposed to sunlight for the longest duration *per day* and sunlight is most intense as it only has to pass through a short column of atmosphere – that's why it's hot! All thanks to Earth's axial tilt.

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Biological sex is real.
There are differences between trans and biological women.
Being a science denier is not being a trans ally.

I'm watching the world try to destroy @jk_rowling@twitter.com for an objectively true opinion, and I am disgusted.


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