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It's and there's a new ! RT & Follow @uktights@twitter.com for the chance to win a pair of the seductive Jonathan Aston Fishnet Tights With Backseam. Giveaway ends Wednesday 5th February (11am GMT). Good luck!

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Orthodog has been training very hard with the MOUSE-AD and is now master of stealth warfare

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Need sound on to really appreciate this one. 😹😹

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β€œNice, Ron.”

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Orthodog looking concerned at well-being of his latest ally, the Ortho-hog

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⚑️Spanky ⚑️Electro Stimulation Paddle

Enter for a chance to this Electro-stimulation Spanking Paddle.

All you have to do is follow @_DeviantDesigns@twitter.com and retweet this post. Competition closes 12/01/2020 and a winner will be selected at random

Good luck

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When outnumbered, is always best let sleeping Orthodogs lie

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is an important prompt resource that relies on how people interact with it.

If you have thoughts and ideas about how you use it or what might make it more relevant/useful to you. Please comment in Cat's post.

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Can We Talk about SB4MH?

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To slightly paraphrase.
"Intimacy" - You keep using that word. I don't think you know what I mean.

There's a part of adolescence now gone. RIP

He never made it to 2112

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Rush's Neil Peart, the Hall of Fame drummer who set a new standard for rock virtuosity, has died at age 67 rol.st/30aZSSQ

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Ahhh ... you know what's going to happen, but can't help watching.

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Hold my juice box while I show off my martial arts skills.

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QUESTION: You open your front door and there stands every person you've ever had sex with. What is your reaction? ANSWER USING A GIF.

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It's and there's a new ! RT & Follow @uktights@twitter.com for the chance to win a pair of the new Trasparenze Priamo Tights. Giveaway ends Wednesday 15th January (11am London time). Good luck!

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