@Jacquie_Blu please follow @TheLegalGalSW she is really nice... Also Web cam site's are now doing battle with bank because they supported the sheriff Tom Dart in Chicago in 2015. When he convinced to stop doing biz w/ .. We need to create a support group (Activist group).. To prevent Banks,Advertiser's and other's from pushing us back to the Dark age's..

@MidtownHolistic @TexasSunshine @PenleyDuke @NinaMona @JustJordan215 That's Y I'm glad I do only . Not knocking F/S or . Engaging in 1-5 sexual acts per DAY..Increases your RISK for lice Gon,Syp,Chlam,Bacterial Vag,etc,etc.. Times R just way too Dangerous.. Not all medicines will work on everyone.. Yall stay SAFE..Avoid an INFECTED Client or Worker.. SMH..!

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They had about 8 undercover cars on Tropicana yesterday 5/1, they met up around 11am at In&Out. Be careful ladies. 6males, 2 females. One black male undercover, 5 white males. Red Corolla, black Ford Focus, white suv Chevy, all cars were super tint. They had the paddy wagon by wild Wild West and the undercover cars were bringing girls to the van continuously. Be safe

Warning..! Credit card Companies Un-Secured & Pre-paid ,etc. Are sharing billing record's with the FBI,L.E. One of my (2) Personal phone's has been "Cloned" by L.E. I paid for my bill w/a C.C. My Biz line's are $$ only or (---) ! "Ext in use" "Call Forward" suddenly pop's up on my phone I use to call my FAMILY. Chase Bank can go to HELL. Phone # will b disconnected,Chase account CLOSED..! My PERSONAL LIFE is PRIVATE..Title 18 Warrant is Illegal..! Adult worker's aren't DRUG DEALER'S,Spies!

Dr.Martin L King Jr,, was a ACTIVIST,PREACHER & a CIVIL RIGHT'S HUMANITARIAN. The FBI recorded all of his conversation's during the 1960's. until he was murdered in 1968. Ladies learn abt YOUR CIVIL RIGHT'S. Always ASSUME someone is listening in.. Keep a Lawyer handy.. Stand up to prevent DISCRIMINATION. We all deserve to be treated with RESPECT.Regardless of Profession.!..-s

@CarrieNation Hello Miss lady... I'm based in and around La.. I know you very well.. Years ago a client booked & used u as reference back in the day....YEARS ago... Just saying hello...! -s

Ladies please keep track of what website's YOU advertise on.. Do NOT discuss the site with client either.. over the telephone..! During these website's take down ..the LE may B monitoring OUR phone's. ! Keep "convo" brief @ all time's. Know your RIGHT'S because LE do break the LAW to harass Adult worker's..!!

@linuux_athlon @Linachanelxo @mikoxbg @AmeenaBeMinesSF @eo1983eo @finleyxo @Jiri4U @SexyPromotionsInternational @KLttyKat Thank U all. I have an appt.. So I need 2 screen client & get ready. B safe.. Talk 2moro.. Xo -S

Good morning..! Gentlemen PLEASE ...Read ladies website's before contacting them..! (TM) at 4AM--9AM is rather baseless & INCall request's if the person work's NIGHT, By APPT only. Read detail's b4 "Impulse" buy's/Window shopping! Thank you! -s

This update Porn star turn her on PRIVATE. Could B death threat's.. Ladies if ur on Remove ur City/State & touring arrival city's. LE may stalk U when u visit a town..Airport/hotel/client activities..! B safe.. B smart..

I know that a lot of YOU are afraid to make wave's,in fear of being a "Target" . If we don't revolt like Homosexual men did in the 1980's & the kid's in Florida who were shot. We will be faced to leave USA to engage in R work..! Ladies speak UP..NOW!

Senator who is behind is on ... Plz attack this crummy Republican lawyer. He need's to feel a thorn in his side!! Do not allow this man to laugh @ us!

I came back 2 WARN anyone..! Please do NOT advertise on ever..! Because men are trashing on twitter & making joke's.. The cop's will have a field day..! OMG

before joining a that claim's "Free" ad's. Read the fine writing..! Mis-leading.. . !! Rate's vary from "20.oo-500.oo. Decide what clientele YOU cater to..? B4 plumping those $$$ down..

Update's ! is purging from Private drive account's. = SILENCE.. This is the .not a COMMUNIST country..! Friend's plz sign petition's... ! We must fight for OUR RIGHT'S .. !!

It's time to BOYCOTT who hate us..! SW's R million's let's /. Attacke them on Twiiter,Craigslist "Rant's & rave's section. Don't support R enemies in . Scum actor's..! Dirt bag's.!

WARNING.. may be about 2 shut us..out???? Spread the word.. They are NOT accepting payment's... That's all I'm gonna say... U never know who's a "Wolf-N-Sheep's" clothing on here!! I spoke w/ a website in (..?). is giving them grief..! Gotta learn ? Ugh..Good ny..all.. Stay safe!

signed that dam bill... I hope that this doesn't affect other website's...soon??

The FBI cld have shut down anytime..Why last week on Friday .. Something happened folk's was it because of & the spot light on the Adult Industry??

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