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based refugee

I'm selective and discreet

Sucker for a talented - artists only need apply

Can't host, will travel within reason in and around the


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First day is among us gentleman, and this trip to San Francisco is panning out to be one unforgettable one 🥰. Bookings are flying in so make sure not to miss out on a decadent experience 😘.

✈Dates: San Francisco, CA 10/06-10/08

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West Coast Daters,
Though Denver was a delightful time, I'm Ecstatic to come back to San Francisco ! If you haven't heard I always bring a decadent time to you lovely gentleman 🥰. Book Now 😘

✈Dates: San Francisco, CA 10/06-10/08

I'm noticing a disturbing trend of new switter accounts referencing PD reviews of providers who are no longer actively posting on PD. Yes it may be that their PD accounts are hacked or they otherwise lost access...but if you think about it, anyone can potentially set up a switter profile and claim to be a PD account.
*PROVIDERS* if you no longer have access to your PD account - make a new one!
*CLIENTS* be sure to do your homework and verify who you are in touch with!

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Oh, switter…you had so much potential. Why are you such a wasteland of fake accounts?

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Who's excited for my return to San Francisco ? From the looks of my schedule... I'm not the only one yearning to indulge with you gentleman 😘. Pre- booking may close early at this rate 💋.

✈Dates: San Francisco, CA 8/12 - 8/13

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Happy father's day to all the DADDIES! Hope y'all get some sugar and a sloppy BJ...

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California Daters,
I'm ecstatic to announce I have hosting scheduled this month on the West Coast 🥰. Booking is open‼

✈Dates: 6/9-6/10
San Francisco, CA (Union Square)
San Diego, CA (Mission Valley)

Just a hunch, @switter_mod but I think we can ban any account trying to direct traffic to "profiles" on the domain formats "privatedelights-ch-profile-***.cf" and "tryst-link-escort-***.cf" (the *** being a wildcard for username text)

These appear to be sites that mimic Tryst and PD's format to trick unsuspecting users.

Here is an example of a recent account doing so:

I want switter to be a useful industry place, but the noise to signal ratio is way out of whack.

How the hell is it already March 2021?!?! 😲

Happy new year, fellow deviants!

Who's gonna give Daddy his first BJ of 2021? 🤔

My 2020 Xmas Wish list:
1) Smokin' hot cum dumpster

What 2020 Santa brought:
1) Dumpster fire

I'm just here for the Ho Ho Ho's...

Happy Ho-lidays!

Happy Turkey Day to all!
Enjoy the stuffing...

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I am available now in San Francisco, California, United States! To contact me, visit

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Hello lovers! I know this virus thing is scaring us all but I have decided to resume in calls for a select healthy few individuals. I’ve even decided to slash my prices a bit-Details will be revealed when give me a call at 925 435-7326

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