here is what I have decided to be the top 5 sites to post ads on...DISCLAIMER THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY! YOU DON'T HAVE TO AGREE WITH ME!

5. the between Twitter and

others to mention these are Ok but a lot of fake ads. when I was speaking to a friend who happens to be an active hobbiest and I said how irritated I was by all the fake ads, he said they work in our (escorts)favor. I asked how? he said

@sexyshirleybbw is catching up on Google again, thank goodness! I've gotten business from AL24 in the past, so I hope it takes off SOON!

same with hehe xx

@phoenixx I like adlist24. PD if you are a part of their cliches. it's just like ns was imo.but it is what it is.

@sexyshirleybbw He said what? Because I've always viewed it as hindering us... guys just assume if she's hot, must be a fake ad. I want to be wrong about this!

@sexyshirleybbw Most of these are nothing but fake ads when I go you really can't find the real girls in all that mess.

@evilrobot I don't understand how you see it that way...i get calls that pay my bills daily from them. idk don't give up hope

@sexyshirleybbw This could be very helpful to a lot of people. I plan to check them out, myself. And I know a couple of other people who might well be interested.

Thank you.

@sexyshirleybbw Good morning Shirley, What was the answer when you asked how it works in our favor about the fake ads? What is addist24? I get most of my business from eros but expensive and not great to deal with..😍

@sexyshirleybbw Those seem to be the sites where I find the disrespectful men that text things like "you avail?" or "What's ur rate?"...I only tend to meet people from Slixa or P411...bit it's good to know they are working for someone, lol, stay safe babes!!!

@amaresiren I never finished my profile on either silxa or p411. idk why just didn't ever seem right for me...thats what I love most in this life...we can walk side by side, respect each other's choices and be our own person.

@sexyshirleybbw around here, at least, STG is 80% fakes/scams.
I like your choice of PD and would also like to add Massage Republic.

@femfan unfortunately a couple of these are no longer with us. Now I am trying to figure out again where to post in my area. The loss of these sites happened while I was on holiday for 2 months. It makes me almost miss the days of no internet in this business.

Hey sexy are you still around. We use to talk a while back. I was so worried about you. Don't see any recent posts. hope you are ok. Do you do doubles if I needed an extra girl to work with me. its real good money when my client want two girls. and he love s big bootys and pays alot!

@sexylisa hello...yes I am still here. Primarily in Redwood City since i don't drive and got lucky with my incall spot. I'm open for doubles, my only thing is like I mentioned I don't drive. I also have a small service dog so I pretty much cut out outcalls unless I have enough notice to find a dog sitter. Text anytime 916-702-7575. God knows I got a big booty! For days lol

well I only book ahead of time. I wont tell them your rates as I know we can get lots more doing doubles. and any guy I have will have to pay your lyft ride to us. so don't worry where their is a will there's a way. i have this cute little mexican guy who loves girls with big bootys. we both qualify. and he pays well and for many hours. All he does is massage your body and butte for hours and then
at the last five minutes does his thing. like hes doing all the work

@sexyshirleybbw I got to say you really got your shit together girl. I have never met you but I always thought you were cool!

@sexylisa thank you. I guess I'm a better actress than I thought. Lol

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