Good Morning! Happy Friday from a chilly . Loving that fall is coming back and around today. Hope you all have a great one.

Happy Labor Day NYC! Getting some rest and relaxation? Crave some more this week? I’m an educated, petite pixie who will titillate your mind and body. Give in to a mesmerizing session with genuine warmth, sweetness and fire from a💗

For rates & booking info click here .Read my 5 star reviews then see for yourself😘

Location: NYC

From one of my favorite photo shoots! See more on my website,
RT’s appreciated 💖
Xoxo, Janey

What is on your mind?

Are you still wondering what I would do for a klondike bar?

Are you thinking about what position I must have been in to capture this photo?
(It was super un-sexy, fyi)

Are you imagining what it must be like to something something long hair, soft skin, something something something?

Come find out near
August 14 - 15 💋

Hello, Darlings! I appreciate your promotion and I'll boost and follow back to everyone!

JUL 25 - AUG 4
AUG 5 - 8
AUG 12 - 14
AUG 19 - 21
AUG 26 - 28
AUG 29- 31

I'm in SF between my tourings


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I am available now in San Francisco, California, United States! To contact me, visit

Boop this poll was a trick as I already got bangs last night 😂 They're messy from being in the ocean but this is the general look now

Happy national hot dog day! The only day where you can tell anyone and everyone to eat your wiener

Gentlemen, this is why you should never be offended if she counts and check money in front of you.
This is a business, and there are despicable people out there assaulting providers by doing things like this.

Is it me or do some of the ladies on seem fake? Kind of too good to be true? I contacted one recently (super cute pix). She asked for a deposit, but I said I would do it only for providers who have reviews. She said her pics were stolen, used ... etc. I'm not buying it and sticking with sites that have some sort of legit reviews or verification process.

Cops are using AI to create sex traffic stings. This is why verification is so important for providers and clients.

Got a rare opportunity for a few gentlemen

I'm in near doing with no deposit for one night only!!

This is very rare, I barely ever host incalls like this that are not on demand.

Check out my new reviews on PD and come see for yourself why my clients RAVE about their experience with me.

(925) 575-7061


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