i watched the mr beast squid game thing

it was somehow even worse than i expected

its kinda like squid game but with all the things that make it so good removed

also i love how at one point there's 6 short ads in a row

the fucking music chairs thing tho. they literally explained squid game in the original and it takes like 3 minutes to understand. it bothers me so much for some reason

also in general the mr beast guy is just very punchable tbh

@AgathaSorceress he's not my flavor of human but honestly I don't care if he gives out money for fame or to be nice. He's funding a refrigerated food bank, I'd love to visit a refrigerated food bank

@saffronishere yeah the giving away money thing is nice, he's just super annoying


@AgathaSorceress he's really annoying and I feel like if I had to share a meal with him I'd get nauseous. Idk what it is lmao he's just really really not my flavor of person πŸ˜”πŸ‘ŽπŸ½

I'm just glad cause like my little brother watches him and he gets to learn that it's cool to be generous, also I prefer him to... *Shudders* The Pauls

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@AgathaSorceress I was so scared he'd start watching and acting like them 😭 unfortunately he looks up to elon musk so I guess I didn't fully win, did I LOL

I'm sorry now I'm just listing nausea-inducing men I will stfu

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