**GoFundMe to secure housing and pay my debts**

I know I've been posting a lot of beg posts, but this is the biggest and hopefully will be the last.

My roommate is leaving our lease sometime next month and I need to find a new place as well as pay her back for rent and bills. She's been really kind about me being late on rent nearly every month, so that's a really important part of this fundraiser.

Please share on any platform you feel comfortable sharing. Thank you.


$100/2200 raised ! Gotta keep sharing because every bit helps, I do have a friend who is willing to help me financially with about half of it but he has to wait on checks and make sure his own bills are paid. His PayPal is listed in the GoFundMe if you'd like to help him out, anything that helps him helps me.


He's really been behind on stuff for months now, and between paying for his new girlfriend's car insurance/new phone/gas bills and keeping himself afloat, he's just not able to help me as soon as he'd hoped he could. So I'm going to be living with him and his girlfriend for a bit before he can actually get me a lease on a studio.

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