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btw some very important points I wanna make here: I am pro black, and anti bigotry in all it's forms. If you're fatphobic, transphobic, whorephobic, or any of the -icks, pls don't interact with me πŸ˜‡β€οΈ

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police brutality, anti blackness 

you know how angry I get now when I see white people walking on the street. Or white kids playing with toy guns. When I see white children enjoying their loud ass pool parties in peace. And now, a new reason to be angry: fucking air fresheners.

I hate everyone who's white and benefits from this fucking modern day slave hunter program. Sorry. That includes you.

fuck bill gates.

I didn't realize aids drugs were his first foray into protecting capitalism at the cost of poor people's lives and health

I did NOT just read mkultra and tuskegee experiment in the same sentence.. I gotta stop reading youtube comments one of these days

intersex-phobia (idk if that's the right word for it), H-slur 

And pretending intersex people don't have to remain closeted to the majority of asswipes who think like this for fear of harassment is a convoluted way of admitting you don't know what the 'I' in LGBTQIA+ means..

Then again allies thot the 'A' was for ally soo...... Why b surprised by the cissies at this point?

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intersex-phobia (idk if that's the right word for it), H-slur 

hey, saying 'hermaphrodite' is the correct term for intersex people is a pretty convoluted way of admitting you've never been a safe enough space for an intersex person to come out to you, but you do you, boo boo!

A friend is running this fundraiser for one of her friends who's a trans teen without much support. More info at the link. :) <3

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

okay i've got everything i need except for my phone bill!

just $35 to go!!!

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anyways please donate to my ko-fi or cashapp if you can, it means a lot and helps me with transition stuff πŸ–€

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Me at seven: why do people keep asking if I'm a girl or a boy :/
Me at seventeen: I'm choosing to dress as an androgynous dyke so no surprise :)
Me at twenty seven: someone asked if I'm a girl or boy today!!! I'm neither but at least they agree!!! :D

I guess that's kind of the point of science but still, I want more infighting. I want a conspiracy physicist to rise to the top

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My least favorite part about conspiracy rabbit holes is the lack of actually believable sources, I want someone to prove with pseudo maths that CERN is summoning demons, make me question reality daddy

Personal, no boosts 

Maybe you actually are hurting me, maybe every time I'm upset with you isn't able to be blamed on me not being over my past, maybe expecting me to get over 20+ yrs of untreated trauma during a 3 yr relationship isn't very realistic, maybe

couple new wallpapers

got tired of seeing Arch Linux wallpapers with "muh waifu" and shit. so, here are a few with ladies running elegant-complex-streamlined tech from phone switches to NASA rocket thrusters

Substance abuse, mh, sh 

Wonder how many trazadones I'd have to take to just sleep until I naturally starve to death

Asking for donation for my union membership fee 

I have an upcoming union membership fee bill that I don't know how to pay. Leaving the union isn't exactly an option (it's far more expencive not to be a member), so I'm asking you, comrades: Will you help me pay the union bill? It's €25 and my donation links are and (it's the boat ko-fi but I have to prioritise this)

Blocking my only friend in the world because everytime I try to speak to him now that he has a girlfriend I can't even get in touch, I don't get alone time with him, and all this is after years of him promising he wouldn't treat me any different if he ever did find a gf

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