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Let my healing hands melt your midweek stress away.

I am available now in Los Angeles, California, United States!

To contact me, visit

Happy Sexy Saturday!

I have a few spaces open today for tantric sensual massage in Sunny Venice California!

To contact me, visit:

Need to destress after a long week? Let me help you unwind and float into your weekend high on bliss.

I am available now in Los Angeles, California
To contact me, visit:

I am available now in Los Angeles, California.

I combine different healing modalities to help you reach a state of total relaxation and surrender. Using my intuition I tap into what will serve and support you most. I use sensual reiki, combined with healing touch, meditation, breath-work and soul therapy to help you activate and awaken to the bliss of your being.

Question for do you screen someone that might be a celebrity/is high profile?

They usually use aliases and definitely won’t reveal who they are. I just had someone call who was seemingly high profile...and he wasn’t willing to share his identity with me. There was nothing negative listed on the number with verify him or mr. # so it made me curious as to how others screen high profile clients.

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Women LOVE casual sex!

They don’t, however, ❤️ casual sex w/ men who:
1) never go down
2) have no clue how to give orgasms
3) get threatened by her sex toys
4) never last past 7 minutes
5) don’t know how to act after

(which eliminates most of y’all selfish, ass-bastards)

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✨σи ∂υту👅ρυRe 😜ρℓ℮αδυRε 😋 🍒💦тнє σиє уσυ вєєи ℓσσкιиg fσя

I enjoy deep conversations that stimulate both mind & soul. Each moment spent together is sure to captivate you 🎆🎇
I am the companion for all occasions. Whether it is for a casual dinner, a memorable evening, or a dreamy weekend; when you wish to reward yourself,
𝕀 𝕒𝕞 𝕥𝕙𝕖 ᴛᴏᴘ 🥇ᴄʜᴏɪᴄᴇ 💋
100% Drama Free💗100% ѕαтιѕfαтισи guαяαитєє∂! & 😍Extremely Talented😜
🍌(510) 518-8135🍌

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💕👑Your Persian Princess Awaits You !

💖 Greet Yourself Upon Contacting Me 💖

Yazmine 🎀

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New Providers/Clients,

*Read more, toot less. Quality counts. Learn from established users.

*Delicious toots enticing your $ deposits? Beware of impersonation. Accts having verified marketing platform(s) (not IG) more trustworthy. High % deposit abnormal. If in doubt, Google Reverse Image Search

*Listing/prebooking multiple states? Pornstar off-agency accts? No reference needed? Trouble!

*: Don’t be an ass, and don’t prey. Someone will call you out or Karma will get you!

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Hi Beauties! I am brand new to switter and would really appreciate some follows or boosts....will happily return the favor ❤️ 😘

Also...any tips on how to use this platform are appreciated! xoxo

Hope you all are having a magical day filled with bliss, love & ecstasy!

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I hope your day is as nice as my butt. If it is not, we need to immediately rectify that. Come see me personally.

Hi! I'm Bella! Sweet and Sacred Dakini, Reiki Healer, Soul Facilitator and Goddess of Love.
I am playful, sweet, loving and very nurturing. I am intuitive, deeply attuned and here to be a conduit for Divine energy. I am a dancer and utilize the flow of breath with everything I do. Come play in the oneness of sensuality with me. xo

Location: Venice, CA
Contact: 818-452-0851

Want to experience the benefits of meditation without sitting still and trying to quiet your mind? Then, schedule a tantric healing session with me. Best way to start or end your day!


Taking bookings for Friday 9/5/19 from 6am-2pm.
Venice, CA InCall Location

Destress, reconnect with your truth as I flow energy through you.

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A new member has joined the Tryst family! 🎉 You can now find Los Angeles's on Tryst:

Your Being is your magic wand, your soul is special and you are a miracle. Hope everyone is having a blissful night. xoxo