Melt, destress and let go

Surrender into the moment with me

Available now for sensual soul massage in Los Angeles, CA


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Embody Ecstasy. Surrender into Bliss. Let me help you tune in and turn on.

I am available now in Los Angeles, California, United States. To contact me, visit

Messages like this are why I LOVE what I do....

"That was Divine AF, you and your energy is so beautiful. So grateful the Universe allowed us to cross paths"

Ready for bliss?

Let me align your body and mind and help you reach a state of total relaxation and surrender.

Let my healing hands light up your soul.

I am available now in Los Angeles, California, United States! To contact me, visit:

Hi! I'm Bella! Sweet and Sacred Dakini, Reiki Healer, Soul Facilitator and Goddess of Love.
I am playful, sweet, loving and very nurturing. I am intuitive, deeply attuned and here to be a conduit for Divine energy. I am a dancer and utilize the flow of breath with everything I do. Come play in the oneness of sensuality with me. xo

Location: Venice, CA
Contact: 818-452-0851