Birthday tomorrow!! Celebrating with a box of wine.

Hello all 👋🏽
I know I’m not available in for often but I’ll be available this Wednesday/tomorrow. Can visit me while I’m !!


Hey all!! It’s Ruby Wolff again! I know I am not often available for or even available at all but tonight I have some availability in and possibly will be available tomorrow early afternoon. Text me or email me if you want to get together.

937 583 4716

Hey all I’ll have an open spot Wednesday! Text me if you wanna get together.

Will be headed back to soon who’s ready for some fun!

Okay guys so I’ll be traveling a lot. Today I’m starting my trip. First stop !!

I’ll be available this week for outcall only unless I post otherwise.

I’ll be available for in April 8th-12th.
Email me for a good time 😏

I’ll be available in for the next few weeks if anyone wants to visit 😊

Gosh this means I’m going to have to take update pictures!!!

Okay guys I’ve been UTR for a loooonnnggg time and I’m thinking about coming back. I’ll slowly be coming back. Not posting any ads yet but will be wiping off the dust from my phone so if you have my number feel free to text! There will be lots of changes this year.

Any providers in the area that want a portable massage table? I have one I’m trying to get rid of. Text or email me if interested.

Hey guys. I’m going to be taking a mental heath day off today. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Just want to confirmation I’m birracial (black and white). If we get technical I’m Cuban African polish and what ever my white side is.

Okay guys phones fixed and I’m officially back in town!! Also working on my Christmas list. Who wants to help me clear out my list?!!

Hi all I broke my phone today and had to get a new one. Not ignoring any texts just not able to.

I’m to excited to travel. First stop Dayton!! In like 6 months.....

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Do I have any , , or followers here? I’ve had at LEAST 15 inquiries and trying to see if I should add to my tour list. and fall tour dates coming soon! I can’t wait to see you guys😈

P.S I usually don’t post frontal pictures because i have a few stretch marks but here you go😍

Still booking daily in and



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