Hey Dipshit, if you're going to post a fake ad, at least use pictures of the same girl...

I'm wondering which idiots fall for the fake ads cause scammers be persistent.

A lot of suspicious ads on switter these days. Hint: If someone has just joined and it looks too good to be true then pass until that person gets reviews.

Thankful that switter posts join date and toot volume.

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@privatedelights @herbw745 @LoganBishop @Agent220

you can save time if you copy/paste what you do for the ladies and apply it to the guys. Guys could turn on an 'available' flag and they could write what they're looking for in their bio or post. That would be the most straight forward implementation. Only 'available' clients should be visible in the ISO section though. That should be the one difference.


I doubt this is very plausible but it would be awesome if girls could have variable rates depending on demand. Like there would be surge pricing after the Superbowl and other events and then prices would fall during times when everybody is with their families.

It would make things more efficient and girls would be less likely to flake as the highest bidders would get the most popular time slots.

I wish more people would pick up the phone. It gives you a chance to evaluate if the person on the other end is on drugs, drunk, or is an asshole, etc. It's helpful for both parties. If you're using a texting app, your safety is more important than saving a couple of bucks.

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Anna Summers in San Francisco !!!!

Fantastic Reviews TER ID : 276131

Body Type: Toned
Body Size: 34D-24-35
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5' 10"
Race/Ethnicity: Polish
Age: 26
Service: Incalls/Outcalls

$300 USD 30min GFE
$400 USD 1hr GFE

$100 USD PSE

Longer appointments are available
7/22-7/23 !!!

www.giadonnas.com text 305-619-4365 or email bookinggds@protonmail.com

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@privatedelights suggestion, although grateful for already receiving a review. I did not recently see the person nor do I necessarily remember the handle... which means anyone at any time can leave a review. I can see this being somewhat of an issue and easily taken advantage of. with NS when leaving a review the date and location you said you met the provider had to actually add up with the date and location the provider posted, to try to eliminate fake reviews.

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Hey!!! If anyone tried to see me yesterday and received rude or crazy replies, it wasn't me!!
I had a very bad and dangerous experience yesterday with a "regular" who was initially being drunk and passive aggressive, but after i told him to leave and that i did not want to see him again, he literally flipped out on me and ran away with my donation and my phone.. I have his picture and info and want to report him to the police but i don't know how to go about it.
This happened around 8:30pm..

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@acepoohbear2 you sound fuckin stupid! So you did know right from wrong! So you do know some girls do it and charge for extra! And you still did it with no permission! Did you give me extra or ever offer me extra for recording? NO! You didn’t. LAME AF!

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@acepoohbear @acepoohbear2 You sound fucking ridiculous trying to put the blame on me. I shouldn’t and no girl should ever have to put a disclaimer or say anywhere on there ad that they DONT do recording. Unless I say I DO and give you the fuckin consent then it’s an automatic that I DONT! @switter @j both of these accounts need to be banned. Supposedly he wants to give me a lesson on how to not let it happen again lmfao it should’ve never happened in the first place!

Reason to be optimistic:

Only been 1.5 months since went down but things better now than 1.5 months after RB shut down.

Biggest issue is for out-of-loop guys to return. Many guys don't know how to find relevant sites. New guys also rely on reviews.

Girls can help guys find by promoting @privatedelights on personal websites, IG, and ads. It's the best current option for a "return to normal"

@privatedelights Maybe you could introduce yourselves and pin it to your profile. Like are you former or active providers? It would help a lot in establishing trust which is the main hurdle in getting the website running.

Here's a guess of what ppl are concerned about:

-you're not LE
-you're not a scam
-you'll handle ppl's personal info carefully
-how to contact you in case of fake ads or reviews
-why are you doing it?
-what are your plans for the future of the website?

Just an idea.

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We know that it is difficult to make decisions in isolation and thus we thought the forums would be key to foster a better community.

If you're interested in shaping the future of Switter, please join our forums at forums.switter.at to participate in the discussion.

It's a Discourse forum thus a different system so different accounts, but we've implemented enabling you to sign up/in with your Switter account.

4/4, end of thread. Click on any of these toots to see the rest of the thread

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Girls who get reviews on switter from fellow users should pin to their profile. That way guys can proton mail each other if they have questions.

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Taking incall today through Sunday morning!

Location: South Bay

Contact me: 702-504-3776

Email: kimber.marie@protonmail.com

Nightshift handle was k.mackin143

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